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There are 53 services for Taxes and social insurance contributions for companies

Taxes and social insurance contributions for companies

Companies can, for example, be required to pay VAT or trade tax. Certain special taxation rules also apply to cross-border business activities.


(Partial) Apply for exemption from German capital gains tax for foreign corporations

If you would like to be relieved of German capital gains tax, you can obtain an exemption certificate under certain conditions.

Apply for VAT exemption

In order not to make benefits for important areas of daily life such as rents and medical treatment more expensive, tax exemptions apply.

Apply for VAT identification number

If you wish to participate in the movement of goods and services within the European Union, you must apply for a VAT identification number.

Apply for a VAT booklet

Entrepreneurs who operate a travel business must apply for a VAT booklet from the competent authority before starting their activity.

Apply for a certificate of status for a reduction in tax on income from foreign investment funds

Foreign investment funds that generate taxable income in Germany can, under certain conditions, apply for a status certificate to reduce their tax burden.

Apply for a licence to act as a tax officer for air carriers

If you would like to work as a tax representative for one or more airlines, you must apply for a permit at the responsible main customs office.

Apply for a permit to operate a customs warehouse

If you want to operate a bonded warehouse, you must submit an application.

Apply for a refund of capital gains tax paid to persons resident abroad

If you are a foreign recipient (creditor) of domestic capital gains, you may be exempt from capital gains tax in whole or in part under certain circumstances.

Apply for a separate determination on the tax repayment of deposits under the Corporate Income Tax Act

If foreign companies from the EU or the EEA make repayments or payments from contributions to German shareholders, they can submit an application for a separate determination of...

Apply for authorisation as a broadcasting company

As a private broadcaster, you need a licence under state law. For shipments that are organised and disseminated in the local area of a public event and in the temporal...

Apply for authorisation to use an electronic transport document (ETD) as a customs declaration

As an airline or shipping company, you can apply for a simplification of the transit procedure. This simplification makes it possible to use an electronic transport document as...

Apply for certification of pension and basic pension contracts ("Riester" or "Rürup")

If you want to sell tax-eligible pension or basic pension contracts, you must first apply for certification for them and have them issued by the certification body - the Federal...

Apply for exemption certificate for tax-privileged foreign investors of investment funds

Tax-privileged foreign investors in investment funds can, under certain conditions, apply for a certificate of exemption for a total or partial tax exemption of the investment...

Apply for exemption from capital gains tax

Here's how to avoid a capital gains tax deduction.

Apply for exemption from electricity tax for companies

In certain cases, your company in the manufacturing industry or forestry and agriculture can be relieved of electricity tax. For this, you need to submit an application.

Apply for preferential simplification

If you as a company want to prove the origin of an export product yourself, you must submit a one-time application. In addition, there is a simplified procedure for storing...

Apply for suspension or exemption for beer tax

If you manufacture, process, process, store or receive or ship beer, you can apply for a permit for suspension or exemption from tax. In the case of a tax suspension, the...

Apply for tax exemptions for energy tax

If you produce, store or trade in fuels or heating fuels, this may be possible on request under certain conditions without a burden of energy tax. In certain cases, however,...

Apply for tax relief for shore power supply to watercraft

For commercial vessels moored in port, you can apply for a tax reduction if you use shore power during the layover.

Apply for tax suspension or exemption for alcopops

If you manufacture, edit, process, store, receive or ship alcopops, you can apply for a permit  for suspension or exemption from tax. At the time of the so-called tax...

As a commercial partnership or partnership company, apply for income tax treatment as a corporation

As a commercial partnership or partnership, you can, under certain conditions, apply to be treated as a corporation for income tax purposes.

Change field and funding declaration

Incorrect information is stored in your field and funding declaration or advance application for funding? Then you have to correct this at the responsible body.

Declare the amount of electricity in your tax return and calculate the electricity tax yourself

If you have to pay electricity tax, you have to submit a tax return to the responsible main customs office, in which you calculate the tax yourself. This is referred to as a tax...

Declaring diplomatic or consular goods to customs

If you want to import diplomatic or consular goods free of import duties, you must register them.

File a complaint under the EU Dispute Resolution Directive

If there is a dispute between the authorities of several EU Member States over the interpretation and application of an agreement or convention on the elimination of double...

Have VAT identification numbers confirmed

If you want to trade goods and services within the EU, you will need to apply for a VAT number.

Pay compensatory levy in the event of non-employment of severely disabled persons

Employers must pay a compensatory levy if they do not employ enough severely disabled people.

Pay field and subsidy levy

Are you the holder of a mining permit for the commercial exploration of mineral resources? Then you have to pay an annual field tax.

Paying corporate income tax

Corporations have to pay corporate income tax on their taxable income, non-profit organizations get their tax exemption.

Paying trade tax

If you run a commercial business in Germany, you are subject to trade tax and may have to pay trade tax.

Pre-register VAT

As a company, you usually have to submit advance VAT returns to the tax office on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Reduce wastewater discharge

For the discharge of waste water into surface water or groundwater, a wastewater charge is levied in Germany. If certain conditions are met, the waste water levy can be offset...

Register companies for tax purposes

If you start a business, participate in a company or become self-employed, you must inform the tax office.

Register independently calculated fire protection tax

If you, as an insurer, receive fees for fire insurance, homeowners or household contents insurance, you must calculate the fire protection tax yourself and register it with the...

Report tax benefits and reliefs in energy and electricity tax law

If you have received benefits or relief for electricity or energy tax, you must report them to the customs administration in certain cases.

Report tax deduction not made or too low on domestic income from foreign investment funds

Foreign investment funds whose domestic income has been unjustly not taxed or taxed too low must report this and pay the taxes.

Reporting foreign capital or pension insurance contracts electronically

You can report the conclusion of foreign capital or pension insurance contracts electronically.

Reporting on financial account information under fatca

Financial institutions must report financial account information where there is a reportable link to tax liability in the United States of America.

Request binding information pursuant to § 89 (2) sentence 3 AO in special cases and in cases of original jurisdiction pursuant to § 89 (2) sentence 2 AO

If you want planning security for your future company in Germany, you can submit an application for binding information to clarify the tax assessment.

Separate and uniform determination of tax bases for foreign special investment funds

Foreign special investment funds must submit a declaration of their turnover and distributions in order for their tax bases to be determined.

Submit a recapitulative statement on VAT

If you carry out intra-Community deliveries of goods or other intra-Community services to recipients of services in other EU Member States, you must submit a recapitulative...

Suspend tobacco tax

If you manufacture, process, process, store, or ship or receive tobacco products, you can apply for a permit for suspension or exemption from tax. In principle, the following...

View cross-border provision of services in the craft sector

If, as a citizen of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, you want to exercise a craft subject to authorisation in Germany temporarily and occasionally without operating a branch...