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You enter your place of residence or the place where you want to contact the administration or use the location sensing.

Enter words here that describe what you are looking for (e.B. cut a tree) or a matter for citizens and companies (e.B. house construction, marriage).
There are 3 services for Finding a location

Finding a location

The ideal location for a company depends on the industry, as each industry has particular factors to take into account. One thing is clear: for founders and entrepreneurs, choosing the right location is very important. From land use plans to property surveying, here you will find services related to your business location.


Apply for building measurement

Have you built a new building or changed its external dimensions? Then the floor plan must be re-recorded.

Inspect the land use plan

If you want to know whether your property could be used as a building plot, you should take a look at your city or municipality's land use plan. The land use plan specifies how...

Request information from the purchase price collection

Information from the purchase price collection is provided by the expert committees upon proof of legitimate interest.