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There are 14 services for Development and infrastructure

Development and infrastructure

So that customers can reach your business easily and its infrastructure works well, here you will find an overview of information and contacts at public authorities for businesses regarding developing their premises, from how to receive a street number to how to connect to the water supply.


Apply for a resident certificate

If you want to acquire a property, you can find out with the help of a resident certificate to be applied for from the responsible municipality which municipal taxes are related...

Apply for house number

House numbers are assigned by the general regulatory authority on the basis of building applications, notifications of construction measures or at the request of the owners. The...

Connection of a plot of land to the public drinking water supply

If you are the owner of a plot of land where drinking water is needed, you must have the property connected to the supply facility of the responsible municipality (municipality...

Pay development fee

According to §§ 127 et seq., the municipalities are obliged to levy development contributions for the initial construction of development facilities (in particular for roads...

Report disruption of traffic signs and traffic facilities

Have you noticed a twisted traffic sign for days? Or a defective street lighting? Report the fault easily and quickly.

Report road damage to motorways and motorway entrances (in urban areas)

Have you noticed a pothole on the highway? You can report it to the State Road Construction Authority. 

Report street lighting malfunction

Did you notice a defective street lamp? Report them.