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There are 31 services for Construction planning

Construction planning

Whether your premises are located in a mixed-use neighbourhood, an industrial district or a protected historic building, here you will find government services, contacts at public authorities, and information about relevant experts for different industries.


Apply for a market value appraisal of the value of a property or the right to a property

If you want to know the value of an undeveloped or developed plot of land or the value of rights to a property, you can have it determined by a committee of experts via a market...

Apply for a preliminary building permit

Do you have questions about the admissibility of a construction project or other important points that you would like to clarify before construction begins? You can first apply...

Apply for authorisation to discharge waste water into public sewage treatment plants with early start

If you want to discharge commercial-industrial wastewater into a public sewage system or sewer system, you usually need a permit. Until the permit is granted, the authority may...

Apply for authorisation to discharge wastewater into private sewage treatment plants with early start

If you want to discharge commercial-industrial wastewater into a private sewage plant or sewer, you usually need a permit. Until the permit is granted, the authority may allow...

Apply for border inspection

If you would like to have the local course of one or more of your parcel boundaries indicated, you can apply for this at the State Office for Surveying and Geoinformation...

Apply for entry in the list of design authors entitled to building templates

In the case of a construction project subject to approval, you as the design author entitled to submit a building template bear a high degree of responsibility. Both the...

Apply for exceptions to the change block

A change barrier serves to secure urban land use planning, especially for larger traffic construction projects.

Apply for exemption from the permit requirement for the discharge of wastewater into private wastewater plants

If you want to discharge wastewater into a private wastewater plant, you can be exempted from the permit requirement under certain conditions.

Apply for exemption in the event of a change ban to secure urban land-use planning

You can apply for an exemption in the event of a change ban to secure urban land-use planning if there are no overriding public interests to the contrary.

Apply for funding for youth hostels

If you want to modernise, renovate or create accommodation for trainees in a youth hostel, you can be funded by the Federal Employment Agency.

Apply for land value determination

If you need the market value of your property, you can apply for a market value appraisal from the responsible expert committee for property values.

Apply for monument funding

If you - or your tenant - intend to carry out conversion measures on your monument, or if the monument has to be removed for compelling reasons, please contact the monument...

Apply for parcel determination without property surveying

Your parcel has already been measured once and you would like to see further parcels from it? Then apply for a parcel determination without property surveying.

Apply for planning approval procedure

Planning approval is a formal administrative procedure for the binding official approval of a plan. All public relations between the promoter of the project and those affected...

Apply for premature discharge of waste water into water bodies

Would you like to discharge wastewater into an above-ground body of water and/or into the groundwater via infiltration before the permit is granted? Then you have to apply for...

Applying for a merger of a parcel

Does your property consist of many parcels that are no longer necessary in this subdivision? If the prerequisites are met, the individual parcels can be merged into one parcel.

Applying for permission for an earth excavation

If you are planning a deep borehole or an earth outcrop for geothermal use with a vertical geothermal probe, you need the permission of your responsible water authority.

Applying for permission under monument law

The wealth of monuments in Central Germany and especially in Saxony-Anhalt is above average. More than 60,000 cultural monuments and unique cultural landscapes characterize the...

Applying for the dismantling of a parcel

Would you like to further subdivide a parcel for a construction project, for example? This can be done with a parcel disassembly.

Earth fault - Display work with direct or indirect effects on groundwater

Do you want to drill holes or other earthworks that can influence the movements or the quality of the groundwater? Then you must notify the competent authority beforehand.

Exercising the municipality's right of first refusal

The municipality's right of first refusal enables the municipality to acquire land for urban development purposes in order to influence its future structural and other use.

Ground Fault - View Work with Unintentional Groundwater Development

You have already reported a borehole and accidentally encountered groundwater? Then you must inform the competent authority.

Ordering the cessation or removal of an earth fault

Are you carrying out a deep borehole or other earthworks? Then, in certain cases, the authority may ask you to stop or remove the earth fault.

Report ordnance

If you, as a property owner, find explosive ordnance on your property, you must immediately report this to the competent security authority or the police, otherwise you will...

Request access to the project and development plan

Anyone can view the project and development plan.

Request information about a development plan

Before you make more detailed plans of how you will build on a plot of land that you have acquired or intend to acquire, you should clarify what is in the associated development...

Request information from the list of building encumbrances

Building encumbrances are public law obligations of property owners to act, tolerate or refrain from doing something concerning their properties, which do not already result...

Show ground outcrop

Do you want to drill holes or carry out other earthworks? Then you must report this to the competent authority beforehand.

Using geodata and geoinformation

You want to get to know your surroundings better? Do you need an overview map for your association or are you preparing a presentation for which you need geographical material?...

View plant elimination

According to § 60 Abs.3 Bauordnung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt (BauO LSA), the removal of Installations according to § 60 Abs. 1 BauO LSA, free-standing buildings of building...