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There are 6 services for Consumer protection

Consumer protection

Health risks can arise from facilities, products or food. It is the task of consumer protection to identify these risks and thereby protect the health of consumers.


Apply for an environmental impact assessment

For a large number of projects and plans for which significant environmental impacts are to be expected, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is already required in the...

Apply for food testing

Every consumer expects flawless and safe food. First of all, everyone who is an entrepreneur in the food chain is responsible for this. The food control authorities ensure that...

Encourage or request indexing of a media that is harmful to minors

If, as an authority or provider of independent youth welfare, you consider the content of a medium to be harmful to minors, you can apply for or suggest an indexing procedure at...

File a complaint against financial service providers

If you have problems with a bank, insurance company or other financial service provider, you can file a complaint with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. The Federal...

Information on pollutants in food and feed

As a consumer, you have a right to be offered only food, cosmetic products and consumer goods that are harmless to health and use.

Submit complaints and inquiries in the field of telecommunications

As a customer of an Internet, mobile or fixed network provider, you can inform yourself about your rights and submit inquiries and complaints to the Federal Network Agency.