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There are 5 services for Notification of Death

Notification of Death


Apply for a death certificate

In the event of death, you as a relative of the deceased can apply for a death certificate.

Apply for a death certificate in the event of death on a German seagoing vessel

The death of a person during the voyage on a seagoing ship flying the federal flag must be certified by the competent authority. This also applies if the death occurred during...

Certify copies, copies and negatives

Documents (e.B copies, copies or printouts) are only officially certified if the original was created by an authority or if the document is to be submitted to an authority....

Issuing a death certificate in case of death abroad

You can apply for the issuance of a German death certificate for a death occurring abroad at the responsible German registry office.

Show death

Find out here what you have to consider in the event of a death of a relative.