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Imports and exports

What rules apply to cross-border trade? Certain import exemptions and limitations exist to protect people from dangers and to ensure compliance with international agreements. Germany has a long history as a leading exporter. But what requirements need to be followed when exporting goods? You will find relevant information and government services here.


Authorisation obtained for the production of weighing certificates for bananas

If you are an operator and release fresh bananas for free circulation, you can only draw up the necessary weighing certificates yourself with an authorisation from customs.

Application for an EORI number

If you are involved in customs-related activities, such as importing or exporting goods, you must apply for an EORI number.

Application for authorisation for import, transit, export and intra-Community movements in accordance with animal health and food legislation

For the import, transit, and occasionally for the export and for intra-Community movements of animals and animal products according to § 1 Internal Market Animal Disease...

Application for the granting of the status of 'approved exhibitor' for the purpose of providing evidence of the Union status of goods

In some cases you have to prove the Union status of goods. By granting the status of "approved exhibitor", you can simplify the proof procedure vis-à-vis the customs authorities.

apply for a deferred BIN from customs

Do you want to use a deferral account to process deferred payments with customs? Among other things, you need a deferral BIN with which you can identify yourself electronically.

Apply for a licence for the operation of detention centres

If you want to operate a bonded warehouse, you need a permit from the customs authorities.

Apply for authorised consignee status under the TIR procedure

Goods carried by the TIR procedure in international road transport can be received as "authorised consignee".

Apply for authorization to use an electronic transport document (ETD) as a customs declaration

As an airline or shipping company, you can apply for a simplification of the transit procedure. With this simplification, it is possible to use an electronic transport document as a transit declaration in the Union transit procedure.

Apply for concessionary customs duties for imports of goods under end-use

If you declare non-Union goods for the end-use procedure, you can benefit from reduced rates of duty.

apply for deferment of payment of import duties

When importing goods into Germany, the applicable customs duties and import turnover taxes are always due, which usually have to be paid directly upon import. Under certain conditions, you as an importer or freight forwarder can apply for a deferral of payment.

Apply for European Technical Assessment (ETA)

If you would like to obtain a European Technical Assessment (ETA) for your construction product, you can apply for one at Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).

Apply for official acts subject to customs duties

If you take advantage of special official actions from the customs administration, you may incur fees and expenses for them, which you must pay.

Apply for permission to operate a bonded warehouse

If you want to operate a bonded warehouse, you must submit an application.

Apply for the option to tax goods with a material value of up to EUR 150 in the Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS)

If you as an entrepreneur import goods with a material value of up to EUR 150 into the EU, you can declare and pay tax on the resulting turnover centrally using the Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) procedure.

Apply for the status of "authorised consignee" for the Union transit procedure

If you regularly receive goods in transit, you can simplify the customs procedure by using the status "authorised consignee".

Apply for the status of "authorised consignor" for the Union transit procedure

If you regularly ship dutiable goods within the European Union, you can simplify the customs procedure with the status "Authorised consignor".

Apply for the status of Authorized Economic Operator

As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), you benefit from simplifications in customs clearance. To obtain this status, you must submit an application to your main customs office.

Applying for a permit for the import and export of protected plant and animal species

If you want to import or export specimens of protected animal and plant species into or from the EU, you will need a permit.

Applying for an export refund for agricultural products from the European Union (EU)

If you export goods to third countries, you can apply for an export refund under certain conditions.

Applying for phytosanitary certificates for the export of plants and plant products to countries outside the EU

If you export plants, plant products or other objects to countries outside the EU, they must not contain harmful organisms. As proof of this, you must apply for a phytosanitary certificate or a pre-export certificate or re-export certificate.

As the rights holder, receive information about goods stopped by customs

If goods are stopped by customs on suspicion of counterfeiting, you will be informed of this as the rights holder.

Cross-border shipment of merchandise via the Union transit procedure to be declared to customs online

If you conduct customs-relevant trade in the EU and want to use the Union transit procedure, you must participate in the automated customs clearance system ATLAS and declare your goods shipment to customs. You can use a customs internet platform for this purpose.

Customs control - import bans

Despite facilitations in the clearance of goods in personal luggage, you cannot carry all goods and products without restrictions in cross-border travel. The customs authorities...

Declare cash and certain other funds when crossing the border

If you are carrying cash or certain other funds of EUR 10,000 or more when entering or leaving Germany, you must inform Customs.

Declare diplomatic or consular goods to customs

If you want to import diplomatic or consular goods free of import duties, you must declare them.

Declare goods to customs when exporting via the Internet

If you are exporting goods from Germany to a country outside the European Union (third country), you can make the customs declaration via the Internet under certain conditions.

Declare goods to customs when importing via the Internet

If you are importing goods into Germany from outside the EU, you can submit the customs declaration via the Internet.

Declare goods to customs when transporting for NATO or partner forces

If you are transporting goods for NATO or partner forces, these can be imported into Germany duty-free under certain conditions. However, the goods must be declared to customs.

Declare postal or courier consignments up to EUR 150.00 to customs

If you wish to declare goods in consignments of up to EUR 150.00 in Germany, you can use a simplified electronic customs declaration.

Declare removal goods at customs

If you are moving to the European Union from a third country, you can usually import household goods and other household effects duty-free. However, you must declare this to customs.

Disclose unaccompanied cash and/or other funds when requested to do so in mail and freight transactions

If you move unaccompanied cash and/or other funds, for example in postal and freight traffic, into, out of or through the European Union, you must submit a disclosure declaration when requested to do so by the customs authorities.

Disclose unaccompanied cash on entry and exit from a third country in postal and cargo traffic on request

If you move unaccompanied cash, for example, in postal and freight traffic from a third country to or through the European Union or from the European Union to a third country, you must submit a disclosure declaration when requested to do so by the customs authorities.

Electronic tracking of (re-)export declarations

With the "MRN status information" of the customs you can retrieve online information about your (re-)export declarations.

Enter or change the tax number or tax identification number in the master data for using the Internet Export Declaration Plus (IAA Plus).

You want to re-enter or change your tax number or tax identification number, which is the basis for the ELSTER certificate used for the registration in the Internet Export Declaration Plus (IAA Plus), in your EORI master data? Then you need to submit an application.

Food: Import inspection

Are you an entrepreneur importing food into the EU? Then you must ensure that the prescribed import inspections are carried out properly. When importing food of animal origin ...

Importing goods (travel souvenirs) from non-EU countries into Germany (customs control)

You can import goods from countries outside the EU into Germany. However, there are quantity and value limits for certain goods.

Importing goods from EU countries into Germany

You can bring goods from any EU country to Germany. However, there are guideline quantities for certain goods.

Issue of binding origin information

To clarify the origin of a product in terms of customs law, you can apply for binding origin information.

make an application for temporary importation

For non-Union goods that you import into the customs territory of the Union only temporarily and for a specific purpose, you will have to pay less import duty or none at all.

Making an entry or exit summary declaration online

If you bring goods into or out of the customs territory of the European Union, you must submit an entry or exit summary declaration under certain conditions. You can do this, among other things, via the Internet declaration.

Obtain information from the customs administration

If you have general questions about all areas of customs and excise law, motor vehicle tax and financial control of undeclared work or questions about online customs applications, you can obtain information from the central information desk of the customs administration.

pay import or export duty in arrears

If customs authorities find that import or export duties were not claimed in the amount required by law, you may receive a subsequent claim.

Purchasing VAT-free in Germany as a traveller from a non-EU state

Travellers from a non-EU member state can make purchases in Germany free of VAT under certain conditions.

Receive binding tariff information

In order to simplify the clearance of goods upon import into the European single market, you can apply for a binding tariff information (BTI) beforehand.

Receive information about goods stopped by customs as an interested party

If your goods are stopped on suspicion of counterfeiting, customs will inform you of the next steps.

Register and participate in the customs IT procedures ATLAS, AES and EMCS

The IT procedures ATLAS and AES are used for electronic customs clearance. In order to be able to electronically declare and process your excisable consignments under duty suspension, you must participate in EMCS.

Request authorisation for customs declarations by means of entry in the accounts

If you want to make customs declarations by entry in the accounts, you must first apply for an authorisation.

Request central customs clearance

Do you want to declare goods for a customs procedure at a centrally competent customs office, even though the goods are located elsewhere at that time? This is possible with an authorisation for central customs clearance.

Request for the customs administration to stop counterfeit or infringing products

Are you concerned that goods being imported into or exported from the customs union could infringe your intellectual property rights? Then you can apply to the Central Industrial Property Office to stop these goods.

Request preferential simplification

If you as a company want to prove the origin of an export product yourself, you must submit a one-time application. There is also a simplified procedure for storing input materials with or without origin together.

Request simplifications in the determination of the customs value

If you import goods from third countries into Germany, you can use lump sums in certain cases to determine the customs value of the goods. You will need permission from customs to do this.

Request total security for customs duties

If you import goods into the customs territory of the European Union and/or handle them there, you can apply for a comprehensive guarantee under certain conditions. The amount may be reduced or waived as appropriate.

Request use of special closures

For the dispatch of certain goods, an authorisation for the use of special seals is required.

Submit application for authorisation to lodge simplified customs declarations for export to non-EU countries

As a holder of an authorisation to lodge simplified customs declarations for the export of goods, you may also place the goods under the export procedure outside the opening hours of the customs office of export.

Submit application for inward processing

Under the inward processing procedure, you can have non-Union goods processed in the customs territory of the European Union. Initially, you do not have to pay any duties on import.

Submit application for outward processing

Under the outward processing procedure, you can have goods processed in third countries. You then pay reduced or no import duties on re-importation.

Submitting an application for authorisation to establish a regular service

If you are a shipping company established in the EU, you can apply for a liner service for customs purposes. In a liner shipping service, you transport Union goods from one EU port to another EU port without the goods having to undergo customs clearance again there.

To apply for repayment or remission of import duties

If you import goods into the European Union, you can get customs duties reimbursed or waived under certain conditions. You can apply to the customs authorities even if you do not have access to the ATLAS system.

Track cross-border shipments of merchandise within the EU via the Union transit procedure online at customs

With the customs Internet status information service, you can call up online information on consignments of goods that you have posted under the EU-wide Union transit procedure.

Tracking temporary custody applications electronically

You can use the Internet Status Information (ISA) to access information online about your temporary custody applications.