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There are 49 services for Building a house or buying property

Building a house or buying property

Whether you are looking at a new-build, buying an existing property or renovating, there are lots of things to bear in mind when building or buying a property. What support is available from state assistance programmes? Find out about grants and tax incentives. Maybe you can make a dream of owning your own home come true.


Acquire state-owned land and real estate

The public sector can sell its own land, buildings and objects. You can find out below how to become an owner.

Apply for a certificate for the tax office to apply for tax advantages for production and conservation measures on cultural assets worthy of protection

For cultural assets worthy of protection, you can apply to the competent certifying authority for a certificate for the tax office on production and conservation measures and...

Apply for a certificate for the tax office to apply for tax benefits for measures to preserve buildings in redevelopment areas and urban development areas

For buildings in redevelopment areas and urban development areas, you can apply for a certificate of modernization and repair measures carried out to maintain this building and...

Apply for a certificate of completion

You must apply for a certificate of seclusion if a special property is to be established or a permanent right of residence is to be asserted.

Apply for a copy of a land register

The land register is used for legal transactions with real estate. In particular, the ownership structure and the private law encumbrances of the land such as rights of way,...

Apply for a housing subsidy

If you make eligible expenses to promote housing construction, you can apply for a housing subsidy.

Apply for a housing subsidy

If you save money to buy, build or renovate a residential property, this can be subsidized with the housing subsidy under certain conditions. The premium is credited to the home...

Apply for a market value appraisal of the value of a property or the right to a property

If you want to know the value of an undeveloped or developed plot of land or the value of rights to a property, you can have it determined by a committee of experts via a market...

Apply for a preliminary building permit

Do you have questions about the admissibility of a construction project or other important points that you would like to clarify before construction begins? You can first apply...

Apply for a resident certificate

If you want to acquire a property, you can find out with the help of a resident certificate to be applied for from the responsible municipality which municipal taxes are related...

Apply for building authority approval

On behalf of the legislator, the Building Regulations Office monitors compliance with public building law. This results in the following tasks for the Building Regulations...

Apply for deregistration of a property in the land register

Each property is shown in the land register in a special place on its own land register sheet. In principle, a booking obligation in the land register applies to real estate....

Apply for exemption in the event of a change ban to secure urban land-use planning

You can apply for an exemption in the event of a change ban to secure urban land-use planning if there are no overriding public interests to the contrary.

Apply for house number

House numbers are assigned by the general regulatory authority on the basis of building applications, notifications of construction measures or at the request of the owners. The...

Apply for housing subsidies

You have a residential property that you want to have modernized? Under certain conditions, you will receive a subsidy for this.

Apply for land value determination

If you need the market value of your property, you can apply for a market value appraisal from the responsible expert committee for property values.

Apply for monument funding

If you - or your tenant - intend to carry out conversion measures on your monument, or if the monument has to be removed for compelling reasons, please contact the monument...

Apply for registration of a compulsory mortgage in the land register

If you have a pecuniary claim from a judgment or other enforceable title, you can also enforce it in the debtor's property (e.B. land).

Apply for subsidies for owner-occupied residential property

If you want to build, purchase or modernize your own home/condominium, you can take advantage of housing subsidies if the conditions are met. The country in which you want to...

Applying for an exemption certificate for tax deduction in the case of construction work

You provide a construction work in Germany to another contractor or to a legal entity under public law and they have to pay a construction deduction tax from the consideration?...

Applying for permission under monument law

The wealth of monuments in Central Germany and especially in Saxony-Anhalt is above average. More than 60,000 cultural monuments and unique cultural landscapes characterize the...

Applying for subsidies for social rental housing

For the creation of social rental housing through construction, acquisition, modernization or by acquiring occupancy rights, you can receive housing subsidies if the conditions...

Applying for the attribution of a plot of land

You are the owner of several plots of land and want them to be entered in the land register as a single plot of land.


The energy certificate is a document that evaluates a building in terms of energy efficiency. It gives you clues for a rough estimate of the future energy costs for an apartment...

Close partial ownership land register

You can have partial ownership land registers closed again if all partial ownership rights have been united in your person.

Close the housing land register

You can have land registers closed again if all condominium rights have united in your person.

Display of a house fountain

As the owner of a domestic well for drinking water supply, you are obliged to notify it.

Entry in the land register

Registration of ownership of a property or encumbrances and restrictions that lie on a property

Exercising the municipality's right of first refusal

The municipality's right of first refusal enables the municipality to acquire land for urban development purposes in order to influence its future structural and other use.

Expropriation of a plot of land

Expropriation is a form of state access to land or to rights to the land.

Have a partial ownership land register created

Partial ownership is the ownership of non-residential rooms of a building in conjunction with the co-ownership share of the common property.

Have the land register created

Residential property is the ownership of an apartment in conjunction with the co-ownership share of the common property.

Have the registration of the heritable building owner corrected

You can apply for the correction of the heritable land register if there is a land register inaccuracy.

Indication of property owner's rights in the land register

If you, as the owner of the property, have rights to another property (serving property) (e.g. an emergency right of way), you can have this noted in the land register of your...

Pay development fee

According to §§ 127 et seq., the municipalities are obliged to levy development contributions for the initial construction of development facilities (in particular for roads...

Preservation of historical monuments

Ground monuments are movable or immovable objects that are testimonies, remains or traces of human culture (archaeological monuments) that are or were hidden in the ground.

Real estate transfer tax

If you carry out a legal transaction that relates to a domestic property, it is subject to real estate transfer tax.

Register heritable building rights to several plots of land or to heritable building rights

The heritable building right is the right, usually against payment of a so-called heritable building interest, to erect a building on a property that belongs to someone else.

Register secondary residence

If you move into an apartment that you do not primarily use, you must register it as a secondary residence.

Register your apartment

Anyone who moves into an apartment must register with the registration office within two weeks of moving in.

Register your main residence

If you move into an apartment, you must register. You do not need to deregister with the registration office in whose area of responsibility the previous apartment was located.

Registering an authorized person to correct the land register

Registering an authorized person to correct the land register

Request a refund of tax deduction

You have provided construction services for a company or a public corporation and construction deduction tax has been withheld on your consideration? Then, under certain...

Request access to the land register

The land register informs about the legal situation of a property. Under certain conditions, you can inspect the land register.

Request access to the project and development plan

Anyone can view the project and development plan.

Request deletion of encumbrances and restrictions in the land register

The deletion of encumbrances or restrictions (e.B. easement, usufruct) in the land register is possible if the entitled person waives the exercise of the right. If a person...

Request information about a development plan

Before you make more detailed plans of how you will build on a plot of land that you have acquired or intend to acquire, you should clarify what is in the associated development...

Request information from the list of building encumbrances

Building encumbrances are public law obligations of property owners to act, tolerate or refrain from doing something concerning their properties, which do not already result...

Surrender conveyance

A conveyance is a declaration of agreement between the seller and the buyer of a property. Both must make this declaration of agreement in front of a notary at the same time....