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There are 17 services for Vehicle licences

Vehicle licences

Anyone who wants to operate a vehicle, whether on land, on water or in the air, needs a permit to do so. A vehicle licence is proof of being allowed to do so. How do you get a driver's licence or a pilot's licence? What to do if you want to get another driving licence class - to drive a motorcycle or a truck, for example? How can I extend my temporary driver's licence? Here you will find answers to these and similar questions.


Apply for a driver's license card transcript

In case of loss or theft of your old driver's license, you will need a replacement. If, after obtaining your driving licence and after your old driving licence has been issued,...

Apply for a driver's license to carry passengers

In order to transport passengers against payment, a driver's license for passenger transport (FzF) is required.

Apply for a driving licence

If you want to drive a motor vehicle in Germany, you need a corresponding driving license.

Apply for a driving licence for categories AM, A, A1, A2 or A

You can apply for a category AM, A1, A2 or A driving licence.

Apply for a re-issue of a driving licence

If your driving licence has been withdrawn, you must re-apply for it at the driving licence authority responsible for your main residence. The same provisions (§ 20 FeV) apply...

Apply for a replacement driver's license

If your driving licence has been stolen, illegible or destroyed, you will need to obtain a new driving licence.

Apply for a transfer of a driving licence from the EU or the EEA

Holders of a valid foreign driving licence (not EU/EEA member state) may drive motor vehicles indefinitely to the extent of their entitlement in Germany if they do not have a...

Apply for an International Driver's Permit

In certain countries, you will need an International Driver's Permit in addition to your national driver's license to prove your driver's license.

Apply for permission to drive boats and ships

The State Administration Office issues permits and permits for commercial inland navigation on state waters. It carries out tests to acquire the right to operate passenger ships...

Applying for a temporary extension of a driving licence

Driving licences of categories C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1 or D1E may be renewed for five years at the request of the licence holder.

Driver's license - apply for an extension

Holders of a driving licence can apply for an additional driving licence (class).

Driving ban and withdrawal of driving licence

Driving ban and withdrawal of driving licence (withdrawal of driving licence) have different meanings: A driving ban of between one and three months can be considered as a...

Driving licence - Apply for a transfer of a company driving licence

If you have a service driving licence, you can have it converted into a general driving licence (EU driving licence).

Have driving aptitude courses recognised

If you want to carry out courses to restore the fitness to drive of drivers with alcohol or drug problems, you will need recognition by the competent authority under state law.

Obtain category B and BE driving licence for accompanied driving from the age of 17

If you take part in "Accompanied driving from 17", you can, under certain conditions, drive a class B and BE vehicle in Germany before your 18th birthday. In doing so, you must...

Renew driver card

You are a driver:in of a truck or bus and need to have your driver card renewed.

Swap your old driver's license for a new driver's license

If the validity of your driver's license has expired, you must apply for a new driver's license. Old paper and card driving licences will gradually lose their validity from 2022...