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Additional funding areas

Further funding opportunities and information for companies and organizations can be found here.


About Cross Compliance

In the area of state premium payments to farms, the concept of cross-compliance plays an important role. It states that farmers (since 1 January 2005) must comply with certain...

Agriculture: single payment

The single farm payment from the EU agricultural reform is an income support for farmers. The main purpose of this payment is to provide farmers with a more stable income. This...

Apply for a discount on water abstraction fee

Did you take less water last year than permitted in the water law notice? Then you have the opportunity to apply for a reduction in the water abstraction fee.

Apply for exemption from the water abstraction fee

Do you extract water on a large scale for commercial, agricultural or forestry purposes? In exceptional cases, they may be exempt from the water abstraction fee.

Apply for funding for elite sports

The Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office is responsible for the funding of municipal sports facilities and club sports facilities, as well as for numerous project funding...

Apply for funding for village renewal

The "Village Renewal" funding programme is part of the so-called Joint Task "Improvement of Agricultural Structures and Coastal Protection". In places...

Apply for innovation funding for projects in agriculture and forestry, viticulture and horticulture, fisheries and aquaculture.

To finance innovative projects in agriculture and forestry, viticulture and horticulture as well as fisheries and aquaculture, you can apply for innovation support as a small or...