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There are 8 life situations for Taxes and Social Insurance Contributions
There are 5 services for Taxes and Social Insurance Contributions

Taxes and Social Insurance Contributions

Whether it’s our weekly shop, petrol for the car or our wages, we all pay taxes and social insurance contributions. Every euro we pay in tax finances state expenditure, for example on social protection and national security. This section gives you an overview of the most important topics, places to seek advice, and services related to taxes, social insurance contributions and charges.


Application for remission or refund in equity to the customs administration

Under certain circumstances, the customs administration can waive or refund claims arising from the tax debt relationship in full or in part.

Apply for official acts subject to customs duties

If you take advantage of special official actions from the customs administration, you may incur fees and expenses for them, which you must pay.

Obtain tax identification number

As a citizen in Germany, you automatically receive a tax identification number. You can request a new one online if you lose it.

Publication of official announcements

Official gazettes are published by local authorities to publicize statutes, ordinances and official notices required by law and to provide information on other official notices.

Taxing services provided in tax havens for individuals and companies based in Germany

If you as an individual or company pay for services from a service provider based in a non-cooperative tax jurisdiction, under certain circumstances you must withhold, declare and pay a portion of your payments as income or corporation tax.