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There are 43 services for Owning a vehicle

Owning a vehicle

Whether new or second-hand - here you can find out when you need to register, deregister or re-register a car, truck, boat or other means of transportation, what there is to consider with regards to licence plates and what subsidies are available for the purchase.


Apply for a badge for electrically powered vehicles from abroad

If your electrically powered vehicle from abroad does not already have a marking, it requires an e-badge to participate in road traffic in Germany.

Apply for a boat certificate

For the commercial rental of recreational craft or personal watercraft for non-commercial use, you need a boat certificate for each rented vehicle in addition to a permit for the...

Apply for a fine dust sticker

If you want to drive into an environmental zone, you need a fine dust sticker/ environmental badge. Here you will find information.

Apply for a flag certificate for pleasure craft

If you own a seagoing vessel or a seaworthy pleasure craft with a hull length of up to 15 meters and want or need to fly the German flag on board, you can apply for a flag certificate.

Apply for a green license plate

Certain vehicles exempt from motor vehicle tax have registration plates with green lettering on a white background. Vehicles of non-profit organizations (e.g. German Red Cross),...

Apply for a repeat sign for a motor vehicle

If you want to attach a clutch carrier or rear carrier to your vehicle, it must not obscure the license plate of your vehicle.A repeat plate of the registration number of the...

Apply for a resident parking permit

As a resident, you can apply for a residents' parking permit for your car or motorcycle or a motor vehicle you use permanently. The residents' parking permit is only valid for a...

Apply for a seasonal license plate

If you only want to use your vehicle seasonally, you can apply for a seasonal license plate. It saves you the annual registration and deregistration in spring or autumn. The...

Apply for a short-term license plate

You can apply for a short-term license plate as a private individual or company for a roadworthy but unregistered vehicle.

Apply for a small motorcycle license plate

In addition to the previous license plates, you can also use smaller motorcycle license plates up to a minimum size of 18 x 20 cm since 08.04.2011. This regulation also applies t...

Apply for a vehicle tax concession for severely disabled persons

If you are the owner of a motor vehicle as a person with a severe disability, you may have to pay less or no motor vehicle tax under certain conditions. To do this, apply for a vehicle tax concession.

Apply for assignment of interchangeable vehicle registration plates

Do you have two vehicles of the same vehicle class and with the same dimensions of the license plates? You can get a change license plate for this.As an alternative to the...

Apply for export license plates

Do you want to transfer your vehicle to stay abroad permanently? For this you need an international approval with an export plate.You will be granted this export licence for a...

Apply for extension of the resident parking permit

You can have your resident parking permit extended upon application.

Apply for license plate license plate registration

Classic cars can be vehicles that were first registered 30 years ago (or earlier). It depends on the day of the first admission. Such vehicles, which are largely in their origina...

Apply for license plates for electric vehicles

To register an electrically powered vehicle, you must apply for an e-license plate at your local vehicle registration office.

Apply for parking facilitation for severely disabled persons

Are you severely disabled and often use a car? Find out more about parking facilitation here.

Apply for permission to drive boats and ships

The State Administration Office issues permits and permits for commercial inland navigation on state waters. It carries out tests to acquire the right to operate passenger ships...

Apply for the issuance of classic car license plates

Do you have a classic car that you only drive to events? Find out here about a classic car license plate.

Apply for your desired license plate

Do you want a specific combination of letters or numbers for your license plate, for example a name abbreviation, the abbreviation of your company, a date of birth or...

Applying for a refund of vehicle tax for the transportation of vehicles by rail

If you transport your vehicle by rail for a certain number of journeys within a 12-month period, you can receive a full or partial refund of the vehicle tax under certain conditions.

Applying for a registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document)

With the registration certificate part II (formerly vehicle registration document), you can prove that you are authorized to dispose of the vehicle in question.

Deregister a motor vehicle

You can deregister your motor vehicle with the competent registration authority, if you intend to sell it, if you temporarily do not use it, or if you want to have it...

Disposing of end-of-life vehicles

Since 1 January 2007, last holders of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (i.e. vehicles for the carriage of goods up to 3.5 tonnes) have been able to return their...

Exemption from vehicle tax for registered electric vehicles

Have you purchased an all-electric vehicle or converted an existing vehicle to an all-electric vehicle? Then you can be exempt from vehicle tax for up to 10 years.

Fine dust sticker Information issue

If you want to drive in an environmental zone, you need a fine dust sticker/environmental sticker. You can obtain information here.

Paying vehicle tax

As soon as your vehicle has been registered, you generally have to pay vehicle tax. The amount you have to pay depends on the technical assessment basis of your vehicle.

Pick up short-term license plates

You can apply for the short-term license plate as a private individual or company for a roadworthy but unregistered vehicle. You can only use it for Test drives and transfer...

Receive a tax reduction or exemption from motor vehicle tax

If you are the owner of a vehicle, you can apply for a vehicle tax concession in the form of a tax reduction or complete exemption from vehicle tax under certain conditions.

Registration Certificate Part I Apply for issuance

If you want to use a vehicle on public roads, you must always carry the registration certificate Part I (formerly vehicle registration document) with you.

Renew flag certificate for pleasure craft

Flag certificates for seaworthy pleasure craft expire after 8 years. In order to continue flying the German flag on board, you must submit an application for renewal.

Report loss of registration certificate Part I

If you have lost the registration certificate Part I (old: vehicle registration document) or if it has become unusable or illegible, you must report this immediately and apply fo...

Report loss of registration certificate Part II

The loss of a Part II registration certificate issued must be reported to the competent licensing authority, which shall inform the Federal Motor Transport Authority thereof. The...

Report radio interference

If you suspect radio interference, you can report it to the test and measurement service of the Federal Network Agency.

Report the loss of one or both registration plates

  As the owner/owner, you must immediately report the loss or damage to your license plate. In the event of loss and theft, a re-identification must be made. Hint:If you...

Report the sale of a motor vehicle

If a change occurs in the person of the owner (e.B. by selling the vehicle), the previous owner or owner must immediately inform the competent registration authority for the purpose of changing the vehicle registers.

Request the exchange of registration plates for euro number plates

You can exchange your old registration number into a Euro number plate. The exchange may be made by you or a person authorized by you.

Vehicle registration number Red insurance number Apply for allocation

As a reliable trader in the vehicle industry (e.g. car manufacturers, car dealers, car workshops), you can apply for the red license plate for vehicles that are not registered. ...

Winter tyres mandatory

In case of black ice, slippery snow, slush, ice or frost, you may only drive your car if it is equipped with winter tyres.