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There are 21 services for Other taxes

Other taxes

Alongside the well-known taxes like income tax, land tax and inheritance tax, there are also other taxes for specific purposes, such as dog tax and trade tax.


Application for deferral to the customs administration

The Customs Administration may grant you a deferral of claims arising from the tax debt relationship in whole or in part if immediate collection when due would cause you considerable hardship.

Application for the appointment of a tax assistant

Under certain conditions, your main customs office can appoint a tax assistant to establish facts relating to your company's goods that are relevant under customs or excise law.

Apply for a certificate for the tax office to apply for tax benefits for measures to preserve or use monuments

For listed buildings and buildings within monument areas or protected facilities, you can apply for a certificate of measures taken to preserve or sensibly use the monument or building and their costs.

Apply for a discount on water abstraction fee

Did you take less water last year than permitted in the water law notice? Then you have the opportunity to apply for a reduction in the water abstraction fee.

Apply for a tax reduction for shore power supply for watercraft

You can apply for a tax reduction for commercial watercraft moored in the port and using shore power while moored. You can obtain the permit from your local main customs office.

Apply for exemption from the water abstraction fee

Do you extract water on a large scale for commercial, agricultural or forestry purposes? In exceptional cases, they may be exempt from the water abstraction fee.

Apply for tax number for insurance tax or fire protection tax

Apply for a tax number to register and pay insurance or fire protection tax.

Appointment of tax representatives

The fulfillment of your company's tax obligations can be taken over by tax representatives. You submit an application for the appointment of tax representatives to the main customs office responsible for you.

Calculate and pay energy tax

If you handle energy products such as petrol or heating oil, you must pay energy tax. To do this, you submit a tax return to the relevant main customs office in which you calculate the tax yourself. This is known as a tax declaration.

Enter or change the tax number or tax identification number for the IT procedure EMCS for the use of the Internet EMCS application (IEA).

If you want to register or change your tax number or tax identification number to use the Internet EMCS application, you must submit an application to the Directorate General of Customs.

Enter the amount of electricity in your tax return and calculate the electricity tax yourself

If you have to pay electricity tax, you submit a tax return to the relevant main customs office in which you calculate the tax yourself. This is known as a tax declaration.

Pay entertainment tax

The entertainment tax is a local tax. The object of the tax is the expense for the use or visit of certain facilities and events. The following events held in the municipality ar...

Pay fishing tax

If you have a fishing license issued, you must pay the fishing tax in addition to the fee.

Register and pay air traffic tax

Air carriers that operate commercial passenger air traffic and transport passengers from German airports to destinations must register and pay the air traffic tax.

Register for air transport tax

Air carriers are required to register with the relevant main customs office for air transport tax. Tax representatives for air carriers must apply for a permit from the responsible main customs office.

Register independently calculated fire tax

If you, as an insurer, receive remuneration for fire insurance, residential building insurance or household insurance, you must calculate the fire tax yourself and declare it to the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt).

Register independently calculated insurance tax

If you receive insurance payments, you must calculate the insurance tax yourself and register it with the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt).

Register taxes on race betting, public lotteries and gambling as well as sports betting

If you want to organize race betting, public lotteries and games or sports betting and this has been approved by the competent authority, you are obliged to register and pay the tax arising from this with the competent tax office.

Report tax incentives and reliefs in energy and electricity tax law

If you have received preferential treatment or relief for electricity or energy tax, you must report this to the customs administration in certain cases.

Tax office

There are 14 tax offices in Saxony-Anhalt. The tax offices levy taxes and set them.

Taxing services provided in tax havens for individuals and companies based in Germany

If you as an individual or company pay for services from a service provider based in a non-cooperative tax jurisdiction, under certain circumstances you must withhold, declare and pay a portion of your payments as income or corporation tax.