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There are 13 services for Out-of-court proceedings and dispute arbitration

Out-of-court proceedings and dispute arbitration

Arbitration need not be a detour in dispute resolution; rather, it can lead directly to a solution. Court proceedings are often time-consuming, expensive and stressful. Arbitration may avoid many of the risks and inconveniences of a court trial.


Applying for separation of heirs

If a deceased person has been inherited by several people, the law does not allocate different items to each individual. All heirs share in the deceased's assets in proportion to...

Clarifying neighborhood issues

A construction project has an impact on the neighboring properties of the building plot. For this reason, the Saxony-Anhalt Building Code contains numerous regulations that serve...

Energy supply: Checking abusive behavior

In accordance with Section 31 of the German Electricity and Gas Supply Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz - EnWG), persons or associations of persons whose interests are significantly...

File a complaint about statutory social security

If you file a complaint about statutory social insurance carriers with the competent supervisory authority, it will investigate the conduct of the insurance carrier within the framework of legal supervision for potential violations of the law and work towards their rectification.

In the case of warnings and fines in road traffic, grant the accused the hearing

If you have committed an administrative offence in road traffic, you will be given the opportunity to comment on it with a hearing.

Problems with offices and institutions

Many people are afraid of contact with authorities and institutions. Often you come into contact with modesties, are dissatisfied or do not find your way in the "jungle of...

Request arbitration in a dispute with a telecommunications provider

If you have a dispute with your telecommunications provider, you can contact the Federal Network Agency's Telecommunications Arbitration Board under certain conditions. It can help to settle the dispute without having to go to court.

Request arbitration in case of dispute with postal or parcel service provider

If you cannot reach an agreement in a dispute with a postal company, the Federal Network Agency can mediate under certain conditions.

Request conciliation on disability equality

If you experience impairments or disadvantages in your daily life at the hands of federal authorities, for example due to a lack of accessibility, you can call on the...

Settling a dispute at the BaFin conciliation board

Are you in conflict with a bank or financial services company? Then under certain circumstances you can turn to the conciliation body of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Submit a complaint about electrosmog

Electrosmog surrounds us everywhere. If you have health or technical problems due to electrosmog, you can complain.

Submit a complaint about light nuisance

Do you feel annoyed by light immissions? The competent authority can examine measures to counteract this.

Submit a complaint about the construction site

Do you feel annoyed by noise and dust from a construction site? The authorities can take measures against it.