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There are 16 services for Water and soil

Water and soil

The state of soil and water affects many other parts of nature such as the climate, the natural habitats of animal and plant species, and the material cycle.


Apply for a discount on water abstraction fee

Did you take less water last year than permitted in the water law notice? Then you have the opportunity to apply for a reduction in the water abstraction fee.

Apply for construction or modification of a facility on a surface water body.

If you want to build a structure on a surface water body, you need a permit. You can find more information here.

Apply for exemption from the water abstraction fee

Do you extract water on a large scale for commercial, agricultural or forestry purposes? In exceptional cases, they may be exempt from the water abstraction fee.

Apply for funding for flood protection measures

The flood protection concept of the state of Saxony-Anhalt until 2020 serves as the basis for the coordinated implementation of an effective package of measures for sustainable,...

Applying for permission for an earth excavation

If you are planning a deep borehole or an earth outcrop for geothermal use with a vertical geothermal probe, you need the permission of your responsible water authority.

Display of drinking water systems and domestic wells

As the operator of a water supply system or non-drinking water system, you are obliged to register it.

Earth fault - Display work with direct or indirect effects on groundwater

Do you want to drill holes or other earthworks that can influence the movements or the quality of the groundwater? Then you must notify the competent authority beforehand.

Ground Fault - View Work with Unintentional Groundwater Development

You have already reported a borehole and accidentally encountered groundwater? Then you must inform the competent authority.

Have the fishing vessel deleted from the eel register

If you wish to abandon an eel fishing vessel, you must notify the competent authority of the deregistration.

Information on floods

The State Agency for Flood Protection and Water Management (LHW), which is responsible, among other things, for flood forecasting, informs citizens on its website promptly about...

Make an annual declaration of commercial eel fishing

If you catch eels for profit, you must send written records for each fishing operation as an annual declaration to the upper fisheries authority.

Ordering the cessation or removal of an earth fault

Are you carrying out a deep borehole or other earthworks? Then, in certain cases, the authority may ask you to stop or remove the earth fault.

Paying the drinking water levy

The supply of drinking water to citizens or customers must cover costs. The respective supplier therefore charges a fee for the direct supply of drinking water, which, depending...

Request water testing

Water is regularly checked in Germany. This applies to both drinking water and bathing water.

Show earth outcrop

Do you want to carry out drilling or other earthworks? Then you must notify the competent authority in advance.

Submit an annual report on eel stocking

If you introduce eels into waters (stocking), you must record this and send it to the competent authority as an annual report.