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There are 8 services for Finding employees

Finding employees

Having the right employees is a crucial part of a business’s success. The government assists businesses with hiring processes to help them find new employees who are a good fit professionally and personally. You can find relevant information and services here.


Apply for integration subsidy at the job center

If you hire people in your company who are not yet performing at full capacity at the start of employment, you can apply for subsidies to cover wage costs.

Apply online for an employer service with a job offer

If you are looking for personnel for your company, you can commission the Employer Service of the Federal Employment Agency in your region with the search.

Applying for a temporary employment permit

If you want to lend employees to a third party, you need a permit to do so.

Applying for background checks in aviation

If you're working in security restricted areas at an airport, you'll need a background check.

Contact the employer service

The Employer Service of the Federal Employment Agency provides information, advice and support on all aspects of human resources.

Obtain approval from the Federal Employment Agency for the employment of foreign workers in Germany under contracts for work and services

If you, as a foreign employer, wish to send foreign workers to Germany within the framework of government agreements for the performance of contracts for work and services, the Federal Employment Agency must first approve this.

Publish job offer online

For example, if you want to fill a vacant job or training position, you can publish it on the Federal Employment Agency portal on the Internet.

Reporting the hiring out of employees

Is your company facing short-time working or redundancies? Then, under certain conditions, you may lend workers to third parties without permission if you notify the employment agency in advance.