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There are 4 services for Funding for crisis management

Funding for crisis management

If your customers do not pay or if you suffer damage from natural forces, emergency relief, compensation or aid can help your company better manage crises and financial losses. Here you will find information about managing crises.


Apply for Corona federal bridge grant for professional sports

If you are a professional sports organization, such as a club, company or association, and have suffered financial losses due to the current Corona pandemic, you can apply for Corona aid under certain conditions.

Apply for insolvency allowance

If your employer is insolvent and can no longer pay your wages, you can apply for insolvency benefits.

Apply for short-time allowance

If an unavoidable temporary loss of working hours occurs in your company, short-time working allowance can be paid in full or in part for your employees. The loss of earnings is partially compensated by short-time working allowance and is intended to prevent redundancies.

Applying for compensation under the Infection Protection Act for reimbursement of uncovered operating expenses

You had to close your business or practice due to a ban or quarantine? Here you will find information on how to reimburse the ongoing uncovered operating costs.