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There are 6 services for Cross-border business activities

Cross-border business activities

Are you working in another EU country? Or would you like to temporarily or occasionally practise your profession in Germany or offer your services here? Here you will find out what you need to bear in mind.


Apply for permission to temporarily practice the veterinary profession

If you have completed training as a veterinarian, but do not have a license to practice, and wish to practice the veterinary profession only temporarily, you need a permit. The...

Apply for seafarer's identity card

If you are or want to be professionally active in maritime shipping , you can apply for proof in the form of a seafarer's certificate under certain conditions.

Insure employees in the statutory accident insurance during temporary work abroad

If your employees are temporarily working abroad and you want the statutory accident insurance to continue to apply, you usually have to apply for it.

Reporting months spent abroad by employees to the statutory accident insurance scheme

If your employees have worked abroad, you must report the duration to your employers' liability insurance association or the Federal and Railway Accident Insurance on request.

Terminate foreign insurance with statutory accident insurance

If employees return early after temporary work abroad, you as the entrepreneur must report this to the accident insurance.

View cross-border provision of services in the craft sector

If, as a citizen of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, you want to exercise a craft subject to authorisation in Germany temporarily and occasionally without operating a branch here,...