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There are 6 services for Court decisions

Court decisions

No resolution in sight? There are conflicts that companies cannot resolve on their own; in such cases, they have to turn to a court. Here you can find information and government services regarding justice and your rights.


Apply for authorisation as a translator

If you would like to work as a translator in judicial matters, you need an authorisation (Section 142(3) of the Code of Civil Procedure). The translators' activities include...

Apply for legal aid

Every citizen is entitled to help exercise his or her rights. Those who are unable to raise the necessary financial resources for personal and economic reasons have the option of...

Applying for separation of heirs

If a deceased person has been inherited by several people, the law does not allocate different items to each individual. All heirs share in the deceased's assets in proportion to...

Paying a fine in road traffic

In many areas, fines are used as a sanction to alert those affected to their misconduct and to motivate them to comply with the regulations in the future.  

Request access to the fine proceedings

A fine procedure is initiated if a serious administrative offence has been committed. Typical examples are not minor speeding, violation of the 0.5 per mille limit, traffic...

Show undeclared work

Undeclared work is performed by a person who, in the provision or commissioning of services and work to a considerable extent: as an employer, entrepreneur or self-employed...