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There are 13 services for Special opening times and authorisations

Special opening times and authorisations

Whether you are seeking special opening hours for a street festival or organising an event for a company anniversary, your top focus is your customer’s experience. But what authorisations do you need for such events, where do you get them, and when do you need to have them? Here you will find services and information concerning special opening times and authorisations.


Apply for a permit to restrict traffic space

If you wish to use public traffic space during construction work or events, you must apply for permission to do so from the local road traffic authority.

Apply for an exemption for street sales

Roads are usually reserved for road traffic. According to § 33 sec. 1 of the Road Traffic Code (StVO), there is a prohibition on the offering of goods and services of all kinds...

Apply for an exemption from Sunday and public holiday rest for the travel industry

Would you like to apply for an exemption from Sunday and public holiday rest? Click here for more information.

Apply for approval of an aviation event

If you want to hold an event at your airfield where aircraft are displayed in flight or compete against each other in a competition, then you need a permit. You must apply for this from the relevant aviation authority.

Apply for stand approval for stores

As a trader, you need a licence to participate in markets.

Apply for the lifting of the closure period for restaurants or bars

The closing period refers to the legally regulated periods in which pubs, bars, dining restaurants, discos, beer gardens, etc. are closed. It is primarily used for noise...

Apply for the use of sports halls and sports fields

Would you like to use a sports hall or sports facility for your training? You can apply for this at the municipality.

Applying for a permit for events in public traffic areas

You must apply for a permit to hold an event on public roads.

Applying for an exemption from the ban on working on Sundays and public holidays

If you as an employer wish to have employees work in your company or business on a Sunday or public holiday, you require a permit to do so.

Noise protection: use of work equipment between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. - exemption permit

Relevant regulations on the operation of motorized machines, tools and garden equipment are contained in the Federal Immission Control Act -BImSchG- in conjunction with the...

Request a review of shop opening hours

At what time, on which days retail companies can open or must remain closed, is regulated by the Shop Opening Hours Act. In Saxony-Anhalt, as a shop owner, you are allowed to ope...

Requesting an exception from the prohibition of work on Sundays and public holidays

If you as an employer need to have employees work in your company or business on a Sunday or public holiday for special reasons, you may be granted an exception.

Requesting the placement of posters on roads

Outdoor advertising refers to forms of advertising where the advertising medium is located in a public space. According to the building regulations of the state of Saxony-Anhalt...