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There are 10 services for Data protection, information and inspection of files

Data protection, information and inspection of files

Do you want to inspect files or gain access to other government information under the Freedom of Information Act? Here you will find everything you need to know about data protection, disclosures and file inspection.


Applying for access to Stasi files as a public or non-public body

As a public and non-public body, you can obtain access to subject-related Stasi documents under certain conditions.

Request access to files under the Freedom of Information Act

The Saxony-Anhalt Access to Information Act grants everyone unconditional access to official information held by the authorities of the state, the municipalities and associations...

Request access to stored personal data

Upon request (informally), affected persons can obtain information about the data stored about them from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. However, the...

Request access to the fine proceedings

A fine procedure is initiated if a serious administrative offence has been committed. Typical examples are not minor speeding, violation of the 0.5 per mille limit, traffic...

Request correction of data at the registration authority

You have a right to have the data processed by an authority, for example, correct. Therefore, please request the correction of your data if you notice that incorrect data is being processed by you.

Request information on stored personal data in accordance with the Security Screening Act

If you or a data subject need information about your stored data in accordance with § 23 paragraph 1 of the Security Screening Act, you can request this via an informal request.

Requesting access to Stasi files for research or media purposes

If you work in research or the media or if you represent a political education institution, you can obtain access to Stasi documents relevant to the topic.

Requesting access to Stasi files on your own person, missing or deceased relatives

If you would like to know whether the Stasi files contain information about you, you can apply for access to the files.

Requesting access to the adoption file

As an adopted person, you can inspect the files relating to the placement of your adoption yourself from your 16th birthday. Unless the interests of other parties concerned - such as those of your biological parents - conflict with or outweigh this right of access.

View list of debtors

Under certain conditions, you can consult the list of debtors online in the Joint Enforcement Portal of the Länder.