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Construction and Real Estate

The right location and the best possible facilities are a crucial factor in a company’s success. What needs to be taken into account when it comes to renting and leaseholds or buying and building? What requirements need to be fulfilled?


Apply for a permit to restrict traffic space

If you wish to use public traffic space during construction work or events, you must apply for permission to do so from the local road traffic authority.

Apply for funding for youth hostels

If you want to modernize, renovate or create accommodation facilities for trainees in a youth residence, you can receive funding from the Federal Employment Agency.

Give advance notice of the establishment of a construction site

For larger construction projects, send an advance notice to the responsible occupational health and safety authority at least two weeks before setting up the construction site. You must also display this advance notice visibly on the construction site and adapt it in the event of significant changes.

Publication of official announcements

Official gazettes are published by local authorities to publicize statutes, ordinances and official notices required by law and to provide information on other official notices.