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There are 21 services for After the birth

After the birth

What paperwork do you have to do after the birth of a child? For example, publishing the birth announcement and applying for a birth certificate. What support is available and what do you have to do?


Apply for a birth certificate

You do not have your birth certificate, but you need it for a marriage or other official act, for example? Then you can apply for a birth certificate to be issued.

Apply for a birth certificate for foreign-born children

If you need proof of birth from the former German territories or from the consular and colonial registers, you can apply for a birth certificate. You can obtain this from the registry office I in Berlin.

Apply for a birth certificate for home birth

On the basis of the certification made in the birth register, you can obtain a birth certificate for the home birth on application.

Apply for a certificate of time of birth

If you need proof of your time of birth, you can apply for a corresponding certificate. These can be obtained from the registry office that certified the birth or from each registry office affiliated to the respective nationwide central register.

Apply for an international birth certificate

If you need proof of birth to be presented to foreign bodies, you can apply for a multilingual birth certificate.

Apply for birth certificate for births on seagoing vessels

If a child is born during a voyage on a German seagoing vessel, the registry office I in Berlin certifies the birth in its birth register. The skipper takes a transcript and forwards it to the Registry Office I in Berlin.

Apply for child benefit

If you have a child, you can apply for child benefit.

Apply for maternity benefit

When you become a mother, you can receive maternity benefits for the protective periods before and after childbirth as well as for the day of delivery. You can apply for maternity benefit either from your statutory health insurance fund or from the Federal Social Security Office (BAS).

Apply for parental allowance

If you look after your child after the birth, the parental allowance compensates for part of the loss of income.

Applying for a birth certificate for birth abroad

You, your child or another close family member in ascending or descending lineage was born abroad? Then you can have the birth subsequently certified in the birth register at the registry office responsible for you.

Applying for recognition of maternity

  • If you wish to make a declaration recognising the motherhood of your child, insofar as your national law or the law of the state in which the child has his habitual residence so requires.

Declaring joint custody of a child

If you as parents are not married to each other at the time of your child's birth, you can obtain joint custody by both submitting declarations of custody.

Declaring Paternity Recognition

  • If you would like to make a declaration recognising paternity as a child, as well as a declaration of consent from the mother, this can be publicly certified by registrars in any registry office, at youth welfare offices and before notaries.

End conservatorship by the Youth Welfare Office

You have applied for assistance for your child and no longer need it? Then you can end the conservatorship at the local youth welfare office.

Information on calculating parental allowance

If you have applied for parental allowance, the amount of parental allowance will be calculated by the responsible parental allowance office. Parental allowance is based on the...

Maternity benefit helpline

The hotline of the Maternity Benefit Office informs you about: Conditions for eligibility for maternity benefit necessary documents Procedure for submitting an application ...

Printout from the birth register

You do not have your birth certificate, but you need it, for example, for a marriage or for another official act? Then you can request a printout from the birth register.

Request health advice for families with infants

If you receive social assistance or basic security and have just had a baby, the social welfare office will bear the costs of counselling sessions.

Submit additional information on the notarization of a birth, including a declaration of first name and name determination

Have you had a child and would like to submit information and evidence of birth, first name declaration and name determination to the registry office? Find out more here.

Taking parental leave

You can plan your 3 years of parental leave flexibly, but you must meet certain requirements. You must give notice of your parental leave to your employer.

The name determination, the parental allowance application and the child benefit application at the same time as a combined family benefit

You have had a child and would like to determine the name of the child and order birth certificates, as well as apply for parental allowance and child benefit? Here's how to do it all at once, bundled, and easily with one application.