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There are 17 services for Discontinuing a business or temporarily closing it

Discontinuing a business or temporarily closing it

Here you will find information and contacts at public authorities that are relevant if you wish to close your business or discontinue your self-employment permanently or temporarily – from commercial de-registration to deleting your entry from registers.


Apply for cancellation of membership at the Chamber of Crafts

If the operation of a craft or similar trade is no longer to be continued, you must apply to your Chamber of Crafts for deletion.

Apply for deletion from the register of craftsmen/trade register (HWK)

If the requirements for entry in the Register of Craftsmen or the register of owners of a business, non-licensed craft or craft-like trade are no longer met and the Chamber of Crafts becomes aware of this, the deletion is carried out ex officio.

Apply for, change or cancel voluntary insurance or supplementary insurance with the statutory accident insurance scheme

If you are not insured against accidents at work by law, you can apply for voluntary insurance. You can change or cancel the insurance at any time.

Consequences of the dissolution of a compensation association established in cooperation with the artists' social security fund

If the equalisation association of which you are a member dissolves or you leave the equalisation association, you will have to take care of your obligations towards the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) yourself again.

Deletion of one of several operated crafts or crafts-like trades

If you are registered with the Chamber of Crafts with several crafts or similar trades and some of these commercial activities are not to be continued, you must request their deletion.

Deregister trade

Do you want to discontinue your business, move to a location that falls under the jurisdiction of a municipality other than the one that was previously responsible, or do you want to change the legal form of your business? Then you must deregister your business.

Deregistering a company for tax purposes

If you discontinue or relocate a company or a permanent establishment, you must inform your local tax office.

Deregistering a company, self-employed or freelance activity with the statutory accident insurance fund

If your company ceases operations, you must inform your employers' liability insurance association or accident insurance fund. The same applies in the event that you cease your freelance or self-employed activity.

Display business for the commercial manufacture of weapons

If you manufacture weapons commercially and/or trade in weapons, you must report the commencement or cessation of operations.

Notify the artists' social insurance fund of the company's mission

If you have given up or discontinued your business, you must inform the Künstlersozialkasse. The cessation of your company leads to the termination of the artists' social security contribution obligation.

Notify the termination of the approved or notified operation or handling

You must inform the competent authority that you no longer wish to operate an X-ray facility.

Portable shooting range - show start or end of operation

If you start or stop operating a portable shooting facility, you must give notice.

Registration of postal services not subject to licensing (inclusion, modification and termination)

If your company provides postal services without requiring a license, you must notify the Federal Network Agency of the start, change and termination of operations.

Request deletion from the list of architects

You want to terminate your membership with the Chamber of Architects Saxony-Anhalt? Find out about the requirements here.

Request deletion from the list of consulting engineers

You no longer want to work as a consulting engineer in Saxony-Anhalt? Find out more about the requirements here.

Request deletion from the list of members of the Chamber of Engineers

You want to end your membership of the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Engineers? Find out more about the requirements here.

Request deletion from the professional register for tax advisors

If you no longer work as tax advisors, tax agents and tax consulting companies, you must submit a waiver to have your entry deleted from the register.