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In the second step, you choose which information you really need.

There are 13 services for Driving Permission / Driving Licence

Driving Permission / Driving Licence

Für viele der erste Schritt in die Volljährigkeit oder ein weiteres Stück Freiheit - der Führerschein. Für alle, die dabei sind, die Fahrerlaubnis zu machen oder planen, sie zu erweitern, gibt es hier nützliche Tipps und Hinweise. Übrigens: auch wenn Sie zu den "Sündern" gehören, denen die Fahrerlaubnis im letzten Jahr entzogen wurde, können Sie an dieser Stelle einige wichtige Informationen abrufen.


Apply for a driving licence

If you want to drive a motor vehicle in Germany, you need a corresponding driving license.

Apply for a driving licence from the age of 17

The minimum age for obtaining a category B and BE driving licence is reduced to 17 years.

Apply for a temporary driving licence for passenger transport

If you want to transport passengers by taxi, rental car, ambulance or car in regular service, to commercial excursions or to holiday destinations, you need a driving licence for...

Apply for an old driver's license to be exchanged for a new driver's license

If the validity of your driver's license has expired, you will need to apply for a new driver's license.

Driving ban and withdrawal of driving licence

Driving ban and withdrawal of driving licence (withdrawal of driving licence) have different meanings: A driving ban of between one and three months can be considered as a...

Driving licence - Apply for a transfer of a company driving licence

If you have a service driving licence, you can have it converted into a general driving licence (EU driving licence).

Driving licence - Apply for extension

You are already the holder of a driving licence and would like to extend it by another driving licence (class)?

Driving licence - transfer from the EU and the EEA

Holders of a valid foreign driving licence (not EU/EEA member state) may drive motor vehicles indefinitely to the extent of their entitlement in Germany if they do not have a...

Driving licence issued from 15 years

At the age of 15, you can already acquire a moped driver's license in some federal states.

Driving licence: reissue / reissue

If your driving licence has been withdrawn, you must re-apply for it at the driving licence authority responsible for your main residence. The same provisions (§ 20 FeV) apply...

International driver's license

International driving licences are required for temporary stays in some, especially non-European countries.

Pay motor vehicle tax

With the traffic law registration of your vehicle, the motor vehicle tax liability begins for you. The amount you have to pay depends on the type of vehicle.

Replacement driver's license

If your name has changed, you can get a new driver's license. If your driver's license has been stolen, made illegible or destroyed, you must have a new driver's license issued.