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There are 13 services for Driving Permission / Driving Licence

Driving Permission / Driving Licence


Apply for a driving licence

If you want to drive a motor vehicle in Germany, you need a corresponding driving license.

Apply for a driving licence from the age of 17

Young people can obtain a driving licence in class B/BE at the age of 17, but are only allowed to drive with one accompanying person in the first year. The theoretical training...

Driving ban and driving disqualification

Driving ban and disqualification from driving (driving licence withdrawal) have different meanings: A driving ban of between one and three months is considered a measure if the...

Driving licence - Apply for a service licence reclassification

If you have a service driver's license, you can have it rewritten into a general driving licence (EU driving licence).

Driving licence - Apply for extension

You are already a driving licence holder and would like to add another driving licence (class)?

Driving licence - rewriting from the EU and the EEA

Holders of a valid foreign driving licence (non-EU/EEA member state) may drive motor vehicles indefinitely in their country if they do not have a proper residence in Germany. If...

Driving licence Issuance from 15 years

As part of a pilot project, young people in Saxony-Anhalt can already obtain a moped driving licence in the AM class at the age of 15. The theoretical training can be started...

Driving licence: Reissue / Reissue

If you have been stripped of your driving licence, you must reapply it with the driving licence authority responsible for your main residence. The same rules apply to this...

Driving licence: exchange for an EU driving licence (card driving licence)

The European Union's driving licence has been in place since 1 January 1999. Since 19 January 2013, only driving licences have been issued according to the new, Europe-wide...

International driving licence

In certain countries, mostly non-European, an international driving licence is required in addition to the national one. If you still have a paper driving licence, you must have...

Pay road tax

With the traffic law registration of your vehicle, the motor vehicle tax obligation begins for you. The amount you have to pay depends on the type of vehicle.

Replacement driver's license

If you have lost your driving licence (lost, stolen, etc.), the driving licence authority of your county or district-free city will provide you with a replacement driving...

Request permission for passenger transport

If you want to transport passengers in taxis, rental cars, ambulances or cars on regular services, to commercial excursions or to holiday destinations, you will need a driving...