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There are 10 services for Adoption and foster care

Adoption and foster care

Sometimes a child’s biological parents are not in a position to look after the child. Children in this situation can be cared for by other families on a permanent or temporary basis. How does adoption work and who can provide advice if you would like to foster a child?


Apply for notarization of the declaration of readiness for adoption

If the adoption of a child from abroad is possible, the adoption applicants are asked by the foreign agency to declare that they are willing to adopt this child when he or she...

Applying for the adoption of an adult

If you wish to adopt an adult, you and the person to be accepted can apply to the family court.

Applying for the conversion of the adoption of a foreign child

A so-called weak adoption of a child carried out abroad can be converted into a so-called strong adoption by decision of the family court.

Giving the father's consent to the adoption of a child

If you want to give your child up for adoption and are not married to the mother, you can refrain from applying for parental authority after the birth of the child.

Replacing a parent's consent to adoption

If you want to give your child up for adoption, the biological parents and the child must consent. In exceptional cases, the family court may replace a parent's consent to the...

Request access to the adoption file

As an adopted person, you can inspect the files on the mediation of your adoption yourself from your 16th birthday. Unless the interests of other affected persons – such as...

Request information from the custody register

Do you need information from the custody register? Find out more here.

Revoke consent to adoption by children over the age of 14

If an adoption (including a stepchild adoption) has been consented to for or through a child, this consent may be revoked by the child if he or she is 14 years of age or older....

Taking up the adoption care of a minor child

Acceptance as a child (adoption) is pronounced by the family court at the request of the adopter.

Whereabouts of a child with a caregiver

You are a caregiver and the biological parents want to take the child back with them? Then you can apply to the family court for the child to stay with you.