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There are 27 services for Marriage


Have you found your partner for life and do you want to make it official? Which authorities do you need to inform of your change in status and perhaps name when you get married? When planning and preparing for your wedding, you need to provide numerous different certificates, agree on the time and place, and clarify questions relating to property. Local registry offices are responsible for the majority of the government services you will need.


Apply for a certificate of marital capacity Exemption from submission for foreign nationals

If you do not have German citizenship and want to get married in Germany, you will need a certificate of marital capacity from your home country. If none is issued to you, you...

Apply for a certificate of marital capacity for German citizens domiciled or habitually resident abroad

The certificate of marital capacity is issued if it is required for marriage abroad. The exhibition takes place for German citizens with domicile or habitual residence...

Apply for a certificate of no impediment to marriage

A certificate of no impediment to marriage certifies that there are no legal obstacles to an intended marriage. Whether such a certificate is required depends on the law of the...

Apply for a civil partnership certificate for a civil partnership concluded abroad

Have you entered into a civil partnership abroad? Then you can still apply for a civil partnership certificate at a German registry office. You must have your civil partnership...

Apply for a post-certification of a marriage concluded abroad

If a German has concluded the marriage abroad, the marriage can be notarized in the marriage register on request. The registry office 1 in Berlin is responsible for the...

Apply for entry in the register of property rights

If you have concluded a marriage contract, you can have the selected matrimonial property regime entered in the matrimonial property register.

Apply for registration in the marriage register

Duly issued marriage certificates (marriage certificates) from abroad are generally recognised in Germany. There is no obligation to re-notarize.However, the subsequent entry in...

Apply for the designation of a child

You can change your child's name if your spouse is not the child's parent and you want your child to receive your married name.

Applying for a certificate of marital capacity for foreigners

If they wish to marry abroad, it may be that there is a legal norm in the intended state of marriage that requires the submission of such a certificate. The issuance of a...

Applying for a change of surname at ethnic German repatriates

As a displaced person or ethnic German repatriate, you, your spouse or your descendants can discard components of your previous name if these are not common in Germany. You can...

Applying for a change of surname in a civil partnership

There are many ways to determine the name. In some cases, special features must also be taken into account (e.g. for the naming of foreign life partners or if there are joint...

Applying for a change of surname in a marriage

There are many ways to determine the name. In some cases, special features must also be observed, e.g. for the naming of foreign spouses or if there are joint children born...

Applying for a marriage certificate

You will receive a certificate of your marriage from the registrar when registering the civil wedding. You need this, for example, for the pastor who performs the church...

Applying for a marriage certificate

Do you need a marriage certificate? You will receive your marriage certificate from the registry office in whose area the marriage was concluded. The registry office issues them...

Applying for a marriage certificate at a marriage abroad

The registry office issues documents and certified extracts from the marriage registers.

Applying for annulment of the marriage

If you believe that your marriage is not legal, you can apply for the annulment of your marriage.

Change the order of first names

If you have several first names, you can have their order changed by means of an explanation.

Changing a child's family name by a parent with sole custody

You can have your child's name changed to the other parent's family name.

Changing family names for an important reason

You must have an important reason for changing your name.

Information on the civil wedding for German citizens

Two persons who want to marry each other will be married to each other by a registrar as part of the civil marriage. The wedding ceremony takes place at a place dedicated...

Make a follow-up declaration for a child's name change

You can change your child's name if your name has changed.

Re-accept birth names

You have divorced or ended your civil partnership and would like to change your name? If your maiden name or name used before marriage or civil partnership was not a surname ...

Registering a marriage

If you want to get married, you must register the marriage in advance.

Request a change in the child's surname after birth

You can redefine your child's name if you do not exercise joint custody with the other parent until after birth.

Request a change of first name

You can have your first name changed under certain conditions. 

Request access to the register of property regimes

You can consult the register of property regimes.

Submit a declaration of names of spouses without a domestic marriage or marriage entry

Under certain circumstances, married persons can also use their names after the marriage abroad by declaring them to a German registry office. The registry office issues a...