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There are 8 services for Divorce


What is the process for divorcing or for dissolving a registered life partnership? What do you need to do for a divorce decree from another country to be legally valid in Germany? Who is involved in deciding on maintenance claims and the division of property and possessions?


Apply for the termination of the civil partnership

If you want to end your civil partnership, you can apply for the termination of your civil partnership.

Applying for divorce

If you want to end your marriage, you can apply for divorce of your marriage.

Applying for recognition of a foreign divorce decree

If your marriage ended in divorce outside Germany, you can have this decision formally recognized in Germany.

Claim separation maintenance

If you are married or in a registered partnership but live separately, you can demand adequate maintenance from your partner before the divorce.

Claiming divorced maintenance

If you are legally divorced and you are unable to support yourself, you can demand reasonable maintenance from your former spouse.

Claiming the distribution of household items in the event of separation

If you are married or in a registered civil partnership, but live separately, you can request a distribution of household items for the period of separation.

Information on replacing a lost divorce certificate

If you have lost your divorce decree or divorce order (divorce certificate), you can apply for a new certified copy or duplicate at the local or family court where your divorce...

Request advice on separation and divorce matters

If you are thinking about a separation or divorce without having made a decision so far, you can contact various counselling centres. If you have decided to separate or divorce,...