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There are 7 services for Social contributions

Social contributions

What does being subject to social insurance mean? Everyone who is subject to social insurance must pay social contributions. Social contributions include health insurance, long-term care insurance, unemployment insurance and pension contributions.


Apply for a social security card

You can apply for a new Social Security card if you have lost it, it has been damaged or is no longer legible.

Apply for exemption from compulsory insurance due to marginal employment

Anyone who has a marginal job and earns less than 450 euros is not subject to health insurance.

Apply for health insurance contributions for students

If you are studying, you must take out health insurance - through family insurance or independently.

Have the load limit for co-payments checked in the statutory health insurance

Co-payments for medicines, remedies and applications may not exceed two percent of the annual gross income.

Pay long-term care insurance contribution

The contribution that each and every legally insured person has to pay for long-term care insurance is regulated by law.

Register employees immediately for social security (immediate notification)

As an employer in certain sectors, you are obliged to register your employees with social security before taking up employment.

Register social security for self-employed artists and publicists

Self-employed artists and publicists are compulsorily insured by the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) in the statutory pension, health and long-term care insurance. For admission, you...