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There are 11 services for Naturalisation


“Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit” – do you want that to be the start of your new national anthem, too? If you want to acquire German citizenship, this is the right place. Here you will find information on the naturalisation test, naturalisation for spouses and how you can apply for verification of citizenship.


Apply for a negative certificate (for nationality)

Official proof of non-existence of German citizenship (examination and determination).

Apply for cost exemption for the integration course

If you receive social benefits or are financially needy, you can take part in an integration course free of charge under certain conditions. This also applies to employees whose gross salary does not exceed a certain amount.

Apply for German citizenship (for foreigners eligible for naturalization)

If you are a foreigner and wish to become a German citizen with all rights and obligations, you are entitled to naturalization under certain conditions.

Apply for naturalization for homeless foreigners

As a homeless foreigner, you can apply for naturalization under simplified conditions.

Apply for naturalization for persons stateless since birth

You were born in Germany as a child of stateless parents? Then you are entitled to naturalization under certain conditions.

Applying for a citizenship card

You can apply for a binding determination of your German citizenship if you have a legitimate interest in doing so.

Applying for a work permit for persons with temporary suspension of deportation

If you are in possession of a temporary suspension of deportation, want to work and have already found an employer who wants to hire you, you can apply for a work permit.

Applying for admission as an ethnic German repatriate

If you are a late repatriate and would like to resettle to Germany, you and your relatives will first go through an admission procedure. If you are of German descent and live in...


Saxony-Anhalt welcomes, supports and encourages those foreigners who want to live here permanently and acquire German citizenship. In order to obtain a German passport, one can...

Obtaining a late repatriation certificate

If you have received a notice of admission as an ethnic German repatriate and are registered in Germany at your new place of residence, you will receive a certificate as an ethni...

Request clarification of the non-existence of an option obligation

German citizenship: determination of the continued existence of German citizenship for children born in Germany within the framework of the option obligation