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In the second step, you choose which information you really need.

There are 23 services for Civic engagement and participation

Civic engagement and participation

Civic engagement is a cornerstone of democracy. It improves quality of life and creates a feeling of community. This section provides information and support to help you play an active role in your community.


Apply for a citizens' petition

Do you want to decide on matters in your municipality, association municipality or district yourself? Then read here what options you have.

Applying for recognition of a foundation with legal capacity

Natural or legal persons such as associations or companies may decide to establish a foundation. The founders undertake to establish a foundation in the long term for the...

Citizens' telephone for military flight operations

The citizens' telephone "Aircraft Noise Bundeswehr Aircraft" of the Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg) informs you about military flight operations in the Federal Republic. ...

Complete a Voluntary Ecological Year

The Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) gives young people the opportunity to actively work for the preservation of our nature and environmental protection after completing full-time...

Completing a voluntary social year

You have finished school and cannot or do not want to start an apprenticeship or study yet? Then do a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ).

Federal Voluntary Service

The new Federal Voluntary Service offers citizens the opportunity to get involved in social, cultural, ecological or other fields of activity oriented towards the common good. ...

Federal Volunteer Service Agreement

If you would like to get involved in the common good outside of work and school, you can complete a Federal Volunteer Service. You can do your Federal Volunteer Service in socia...

Information telephone on the terrorist organization National Socialist Underground

The information telephone of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) receives information on the investigation of serious crimes of a right-wing radical group of perpetrators. ...


Memorials are places with a strong connection to a memorable event or person that have been structurally or horticulturally designed into a monument or memorial. In Saxony-Anhalt...

Object to the transfer of data to the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Personnel Management

Following the suspension of compulsory military service, women and men can undertake voluntary military service as a special civic commitment. In order to be able to inform the...

Official journal

Official announcements of, for example, legal texts, tenders, statutes or agendas of political bodies are published in the own official gazette of the responsible ministries or...

Public order office online

You would like to report a misdemeanor? You can often do this online.

Register for a meeting

Anyone wishing to hold a public meeting in the open air must register it with the competent authority 48 hours before the announcement (= invitation of participants or call via different media).

Report a power outage

Report a power outage.

Report tree and environmental damage

Damaged trees can be very dangerous for pedestrians and cars. Report them.

Reporting road pollution

The purpose of street cleaning is to keep the road network of cities and municipalities clean and ensure that it is passable and accessible.With a few exceptions, it is the...

Senior Citizens' Representation

The Landesseniorenvertretung Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. is voluntary, non-denominational and non-partisan. It does not pursue any economic objectives and its members do not receive any...

Submit a resident application

Do you want to have a say and influence in your municipality, association municipality or district? Read here what options you have.

Take advantage of citizens' consultation hours

All residents can take advantage of the citizens' consultation hours of their (Ober)bürgermeisterin or your (Ober)bürgermeister or your Ländrätin or your District Administrator.

Voluntary care of asylum seekers

The voluntary care and support of asylum seekers and refugees can take place, for example, in the following fields of activity: Accompaniment and support in language...

Volunteering in fire and disaster control

Voluntary work in fire and disaster control is carried out in Saxony-Anhalt in voluntary fire brigades and the private aid organisations involved in civil protection. Persons...