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There are 41 services for Illness


Do you need help quickly in a medical emergency? Or do you need assistance with a difficult life situation? Here you will find information about services and contact people for everything from doctors’ visits to emergency rescue to addiction counselling.


Apply for a cure for mothers or fathers

Under certain conditions, mothers and fathers are entitled to a mother/father-child measure from their health insurance company.

Apply for addiction counseling

Addiction is primarily a disease and requires treatment just like any other disease. In Saxony-Anhalt, there are numerous addiction counseling centers that provide help. Offers...

Apply for assisted dying through hospice services

Dying people or their loved ones who need support can contact an outpatient hospice service. If outpatient care and support are not sufficient, care in an inpatient hospice is...

Apply for benefits for required sterilization

The statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of a medically necessary sterilization.

Apply for benefits to avoid the need for care and restrictions on earning capacity

After the occurrence of an insured event (accident at work, commuting accident, occupational disease), the statutory accident insurance covers the costs for the necessary...

Apply for dental prophylaxis

Dental care serves to examine teeth and oral cavity in detail in order to be able to detect and treat any dental, oral and jaw diseases at an early stage.

Apply for guide dog for the blind

Blind or severely visually impaired people can apply for a guide dog as an aid.

Apply for health care for children, adolescents, young adults and single parents with children in common forms of housing

Children or adolescents in foster families or in inpatient facilities of children and youth welfare are entitled to health assistance.

Apply for medical and dental treatment in the event of accidents at work and on the way to and from work

Do you need medical or dental treatment for an accident at work or an occupational disease? Then the statutory accident insurance pays for the costs.

Apply for medical rehabilitation benefits

Rehabilitation can help you to avoid the permanent onset of a disability or need for care or to cope better with the consequences.

Apply for medical treatment for war victims

As an impaired person (so-called damaged), you will receive medical treatment on request for damage to health that has been recognized as a result of damage or caused by a...

Apply for medicines and dressings for persons with health insurance

Persons with health insurance are entitled to the supply of medicines subject to pharmacy and to the supply of dressings.

Apply for orthodontic treatment

Health insurance companies cover the costs of medically necessary orthodontic treatment for children and adolescents under the age of 18.

Apply for palliative care (specialized outpatient) for those with health insurance

Insured persons are entitled to specialised outpatient palliative care (SAPV) in the home or family sector.

Apply for replacement care

If relatives who otherwise always care are prevented, the nursing care fund covers the costs of replacement care.

Apply for sickness benefit

The sickness benefit is intended to compensate the insured * for the loss of earnings. The duration and amount of sick pay are prescribed by law. In the event of illness, you...

Apply for stress testing and occupational therapy for health insurers

Have you had a serious physical or mental illness or an accident and do not know if and when you will be able to return to work? Your health insurance covers the costs of stress...

Apply for supplementary rehabilitation benefits for those with health insurance

Health insurance covers the costs of supplementary rehabilitation services.

Apply for travel expenses for ambulance services

The health insurance companies cover travel costs that are medically necessary in connection with a health insurance benefit.

Applying for aids for persons with statutory accident insurance

Do you need medical aids such as a wheelchair or glasses because of the consequences of an accident at work or an occupational disease as part of rehabilitation? Then the...

Applying for benefits for participation in working life for persons insured under statutory accident insurance

If you have an accident at work or an occupational disease, the statutory accident insurance (DGUV) works by all appropriate means to enable you to return to work. Children and...

Applying for domestic help for those with health insurance

If you are temporarily unable to manage your household alone due to serious illness, a cure or during a hospital stay, you are entitled to a domestic help under certain...

Applying for medical rehabilitation benefits according to SGB IX

People with disabilities and people at risk of disability are entitled to medical rehabilitation.

Applying for prevention benefits for persons with health insurance

Insured persons can inquire with their health insurance company about the possibilities of prevention. The health insurance companies provide quality-assured offers.

Applying for remedies for people with health insurance

Insured persons of the statutory health insurance are entitled to medically necessary remedies.

Applying for remedies for persons with statutory accident insurance

In the event of an accident at work or a recognised occupational disease, you can submit receipts for the assumption of the costs of therapeutic products to the statutory...

Applying for sociotherapy for those with health insurance

Insured persons who are seriously mentally ill and are not able to independently use medical or medically prescribed services are entitled to sociotherapy.

Applying for support for re-entry into working life

If you want to work despite health problems, you can receive financial support – for example for aids or measures.

Applying for transitional allowance for people with disabilities

As a person with disabilities, you can receive transitional allowance to secure your livelihood if you participate in certain educational measures.

Counselling on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections

If you have any questions about sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. AIDS), you can contact a counselling centre in your area. You can also get tested in many counselling...

Drug Help Counseling

Counselling centres and outpatient treatment centres that offer advice and assistance to addiction and addiction to the prevention of drug abuse are specifically supported by...

Financing hospital treatment for those with health insurance

As an insured person, you are entitled to hospital treatment. The treatment is carried out fully inpatient if the treatment goal cannot be achieved by partial, pre- or...

Financing medical treatment for those with health insurance

Persons with statutory health insurance are entitled to medical treatment.

Find a pharmacy emergency service

Do you need medication outside opening hours? For this purpose, the pharmacy emergency service is at your disposal.

Information on rescue services

Rescue is a public task in the field of life-saving hazard prevention. It includes emergency notification and first aid measures as well as the organization and implementation...

Long-term care benefits for persons insured under statutory accident insurance

If you become dependent on care as a result of an accident at work, a commuting accident or an occupational disease, you can receive care allowance and other benefits from the...

Report an accident at work or school to the statutory accident insurance

If a work, commuting or school accident has occurred in your company or institution, you must report this to your competent employers' liability insurance association or...

Soldiers' supplies

Anyone who, as a former Bundeswehr soldier, has suffered damage to their health as a result of their service, receives benefits in accordance with the Soldiers' Pension Act on...

Start a self-help group

For many problems, you can benefit from a self-help group. Together with other sufferers, you can exchange ideas about therapy options or get tips for everyday life. Anyone can...

Submit costs for implants or orthodontic treatments for adults to the statutory health insurance in cases of special exceptions

In special or severe exceptional cases, the statutory health insurance participates in orthodontic treatments of adults or implants.

Submit travel and travel expenses for medical treatment in the event of an accident at work or occupational disease

In the event of a recognised accident at work or occupational disease, you can submit related travel and travel expenses for reimbursement.