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There are 21 services for Care provision

Care provision

Whether through an accident, a fall or an illness, people often find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly in need of care. Here you will find information about care provision and care allowance.


Apply for a care benefit in kind for persons with statutory long-term care insurance

The responsible social welfare office of your district or your district-free city can also cover the costs of a housekeeping aid if certain conditions for the granting of...

Apply for a personal budget

Would you like to decide for yourself when and in what form you will receive assistance? Find out more about the Personal Budget here.

Apply for assisted dying through hospice services

Dying people or their loved ones who need support can contact an outpatient hospice service. If outpatient care and support are not sufficient, care in an inpatient hospice is...

Apply for care allowance for war victims

As a damaged person who, as a result of their injury, is permanently dependent on outside help to regulate your daily routine, you are considered helpless. As a helpless...

Apply for day care for those with statutory long-term care insurance

People in need of care, who are generally cared for at home, can be cared for during the day in a day care facility.

Apply for help with care

With the help of this application, you can apply for help with care within the framework of social assistance.

Apply for inpatient home care for persons with long-term care insurance

If you can no longer cope independently at home because of your need for care and are not cared for at home, care in a nursing home is necessary. Your long-term care insurance...

Apply for medical treatment for war victims

As an impaired person (so-called damaged), you will receive medical treatment on request for damage to health that has been recognized as a result of damage or caused by a...

Apply for night care for those with statutory long-term care insurance

People in need of care, who are generally cared for at home, can be cared for at night in a facility.

Apply for nursing courses for caring relatives and caregivers during care time

In order to make it easier for you to care for relatives at home, you can attend free care courses and training courses through your nursing care fund.

Apply for palliative care (specialized outpatient) for those with health insurance

Insured persons are entitled to specialised outpatient palliative care (SAPV) in the home or family sector.

Apply for replacement care

If relatives who otherwise always care are prevented, the nursing care fund covers the costs of replacement care.

Apply for short-term care

If people in need of care are temporarily unable to be cared for at home, it is possible to place them in a care facility for a short period of time.

Apply for statutory health insurance benefits for people with disabilities in fully inpatient facilities and special forms of housing

Benefits of the care fund for people with disabilities in inpatient facilities or special forms of housing.

Apply for subsidies for care-friendly improvements to living space

If you are in need of care, it may be necessary to adapt the living environment to your individual needs. You can apply to your nursing care fund for financial support for...

Applying for an assessment of helplessness and levels of care allowance for war victims

If you are helpless as a result of injury, you can apply for a monthly care allowance.

Care costs Apply for relief amount for long-term care insured persons

People in need of care who are cared for at home can receive up to 125 euros per month from the nursing care fund. The money can be used to relieve caring relatives or to...

Long-term care benefits for persons insured under statutory accident insurance

If you become dependent on care as a result of an accident at work, a commuting accident or an occupational disease, you can receive care allowance and other benefits from the...

Pay long-term care insurance contribution

The contribution that each and every legally insured person has to pay for long-term care insurance is regulated by law.

Submit travel and travel expenses for medical treatment in the event of an accident at work or occupational disease

In the event of a recognised accident at work or occupational disease, you can submit related travel and travel expenses for reimbursement.