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There are 17 services for Pension


Retiring means much more than concluding your professional life; at the time of retirement, the average person still has about a quarter of their life to look forward to. That is why the end of your working life also represents a new start. Here you will find the services that can support you in your transition to a new phase of life.


Apply for a disability pension

If you are no longer able to work due to illness or disability, you can in many cases receive a disability pension.

Apply for a miners' compensation benefit

If you have lost your job in mining, you can receive a miner's compensation benefit (KAL) under certain conditions.

Apply for an old-age pension

You have reached the standard retirement age and would like to have your pension paid out without deductions? Then you have to apply for this at your competent pension insurance...

Apply for assistance for the elderly

As part of the care for the elderly , you as an elderly person receive a wide range of information and support: Advice on all questions of life, Pointing out offers of...

Apply for clarification of the pension insurance account

In order to check whether the data for your future pension is complete and correct, you can apply to the pension insurance for clarification of your insurance account.

Apply for clarification of the pension insurance account of ethnic German repatriates and expellees

If you are recognised as a displaced person or ethnic German repatriate, you should apply for clarification of your pension insurance account so that your insurance periods from...

Apply for social assistance

If your income in old age (pension) or with full disability is not sufficient for the necessary livelihood, you can apply for basic security.

Applying for a child-raising pension

If you are raising a child alone because your divorced partner has died, you can receive a child-raising pension.

Applying for an old-age pension for particularly long-term insured persons

If you have paid into the pension fund for more than 45 years, you can apply for the discount-free old-age pension for particularly long-term insured persons under certain...

Applying for support for re-entry into working life

If you want to work despite health problems, you can receive financial support – for example for aids or measures.

Call the service telephone of the German Pension Insurance

If you have any questions about your pension, you can call the service telephone of the German Pension Insurance.

Repatriation costs for the deceased in the statutory accident insurance

Have you paid for the transfer of a person with statutory accident insurance? Then you can recover the costs if the person died as a result of an insured event.

Widow's and widower's pension for surviving dependants in the statutory accident insurance

As a widow, widower or part of a civil partnership with the deceased person, you can receive a pension from the statutory accident insurance.