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There are 21 services for Employee-related registration requirements

Employee-related registration requirements

What has to be registered where and how if, for example, the employment status of one of my employees changes? A number of legal requirements must be followed, particularly regarding social security for your employees. You can find the relevant information and services here.


Apply for an operating number according to DEÜV

As an employer, you must register your employees subject to compulsory insurance for social security. For this you need a company number.

Applying for approval of the crediting of jobs with less than 18 hours per week to a compulsory job

If your company employs severely disabled or equivalent disabled people with less than 18 hours per week, you can have them credited to a compulsory job under certain conditions.

Applying for permission to hire out temporary workers

If you want to lend employees to a third party, you need a permit.

Explosives Act Report the appointment of a responsible person

If you, as the owner of a business that is authorised to handle or traffic explosive substances, appoint responsible persons in accordance with § 19 of the Explosives Act, you...

Minimum wage control

The customs authorities monitor compliance with the minimum wage. For this purpose, they can inspect business documents such as employment contracts and request the preparation...

Notify the management of the Chamber of Crafts of any changes to personal data

If the personal data of the management of a craft business entered in the register of craftsmen changes, you must inform the competent Chamber of Crafts.

Obtaining a work permit for seasonal employment of foreigners

For the temporary employment of foreigners from Georgia and the Republic of Moldova as seasonal workers, you as an employer must apply for a work permit from the Federal...

Prepare and publish a report on equality and equal pay

Under certain conditions, as a private employer, you must prepare and publish a report on equality and equal pay. As an employer, you are obliged to treat all employees...

Register employees of employers based abroad or lenders in the minimum wage registration portal

If you are an employer based abroad and employ people in Germany, you must register them via the registration portal minimum wage. The same applies if you hire temporary agency...

Register employment of a domestic help on a mini-job basis

If you employ a domestic help on a mini-job basis, you must register it by household check procedure.

Register new management with the Chamber of Crafts

You must report a new management of your craft business requiring approval to the competent Chamber of Crafts.

Report an accident at work or school to the statutory accident insurance

If a work, commuting or school accident has occurred in your company or institution, you must report this to your competent employers' liability insurance association or...

Report the dismissal of the management to the Chamber of Crafts

If the current management stops or a change takes place, you must report this to the Chamber of Crafts.

Reporting the hiring out of employees

Is your company threatened with short-time working or redundancies? Then, under certain conditions, you may lend workers to third parties without permission if you report this...

Submit entry in the intermediary register

The Europa Job Centre offers a wide range of information and advice services to workers who want to work or train in another EU country. The aim of the Europa-Job-Center is to...

View appointment of an immission control officer

If you have newly appointed or dismissed an immission control officer or if there have been changes in his area of responsibility, you must report this to the responsible...

View the appointment of animal welfare officers

Do you carry out animal experiments in your facility or company, keep or breed laboratory animals? Then, as the responsible person, you must appoint an animal welfare officer...

View the employment of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman

If one of your employees has informed you that she is pregnant or breastfeeding, you must notify the competent supervisory authority.