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There are 4 services for Integration


Here you will find integration courses, language courses and other services and information on the topic of integration. For immigrants, late repatriates and course participants, teachers and professionals, volunteers and interested parties, the aim of integration is to include all people who live permanently and legally in our country into society. Welcome!


Apply for admission to the integration course

If you want to learn German, you can take part in an integration course under certain conditions.

Apply for cost exemption for the integration course

If you receive social benefits or are financially needy, you can take part in an integration course free of charge under certain conditions. This also applies to employees whose gross salary does not exceed a certain amount.

Applying for a residence permit for the purpose of school-based vocational training

You can obtain a residence permit to complete school-based vocational training in Germany.

Repeat 300 lessons of the integration course once

If you have not achieved level B1 in the final "DTZ" test, you can repeat your language course once under certain conditions.