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There are 4 services for Employment and Collective Labor Law

Employment and Collective Labor Law


Apply for an examination permit

Do you want to start your professional life as a teenager? Then you must be medically examined before starting work.

Check the cancellation of the protection against dismissal

Protection against dismissal protects you as an employee after 6 months of uninterrupted work against unjustified and/or disproportionately short-term dismissal by the employer....

Compliance with occupational health and safety

The employer is responsible for the health and safety of his employees. Effective occupational health and safety is possible if the potential hazards in the workplace are...

Notification of administrative offences in the case of undeclared work

Undeclared work is carried out by the person who, in the provision or commissioning of services and works, performs a significant amount of as an employer, entrepreneur or...