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There are 7 services for Inheritance / Inheritance Case

Inheritance / Inheritance Case


Apply for a death certificate

In the event of death, you as a relative of the deceased can apply for a death certificate.

Certification of signatures

Signatures shall be officially certified only if the signed document is to be presented to an authority and the signature is made in the presence of the clerk. Signatures may...

Community of heirs

If a deceased person has been inherited by several persons, the law does not assign different objects to each individual. All heirs are involved in the total ity of the deceased...

Copies, copies, reproductions and negatives

Documents (e.g. photographs, transcripts or printouts) are only officially certifiedif the original has been produced by an authority or if the document is to be submitted to an...

Limit liability of heirs

It is not uncommon for someone to die without leaving a will or without relatives who would be known. If the estate consists of more assets than liabilities, the probate court...

Reject inheritance

Once you have become an heir, you must decide whether to accept or reject the inheritance. You can declare the refusal of the inheritance to the probate court.

Request a certificate of inheritance

They have inherited. If you now want to have the inheritance, in many cases a certificate of inheritance is required so that you can identify yourself in business transactions....