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You enter your place of residence or the place where you want to contact the administration or use the location sensing.


In the second step, you choose which information you really need.

There are 9 services for Financial and Other Support

Financial and Other Support


Apply for a maintenance advance

You will receive the maintenance advance for your child if you raise them in your household without another parent against whom the child is entitled to maintenance. However,...

Apply for educational assistance

The education and care of a child is primarily taken care of by the parents. Sometimes, however, additional state assistance in education may be necessary. Your county or...

Broadcasting contribution - apply for exemption

If you receive state social benefits, you can be exempted from the broadcasting fee. The same applies to deaf-blind people and recipients of help for the blind.

Church exit

Your declaration of resignation from the church will be received by the registry office of your place of residence. You can present the oral declaration at the registry office...

Economic youth assistance

The Economic Youth Aid takes care of the financial aspects of the various individual assistance within the framework of the Children's and Youth Assistance Act (KJHG).

Maintenance use

Those who receive support outside institutions usually also have relatives or relatives who are obliged to provide maintenance. The dependants are used by the local social...

Problems with offices and institutions

Many people are afraid of contact with authorities and institutions. Often you come into contact with modesty, are dissatisfied or find yourself in the "administrative...

Reimbursement of costs for school trips

In order to relieve the financial burden on parents and legal guardians with at least three children, the Land of Saxony-Anhalt contributes to the costs of school trips. You...

Remission / acceptance of the fee for day care facilities

Discount:The institutions of day care facilities may stagger the cost contributions for their day-to-day facilities, inter alia, by income group and number of children or number...