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There are 11 services for After Birth

After Birth


Apply for a birth register

A certified printout from the birth register (previously birth book) reproduces all data that the registry office has entered in connection with the birth. You will receive...

Apply for a certificate of time of birth

If you need proof of your time of birth, you can apply for a corresponding certificate. These can be obtained from the registry office that certified the birth or from each...


The assistance is a free help offer of the youth welfare office for single mothers and fathers in the determination of paternity and the assertion of child support.

Declaring Paternity Recognition

If you would like to make a declaration recognising paternity as a child, as well as a declaration of consent from the mother, this can be publicly certified by registrars in...

Explaining the common concern

If the parents are not married to each other at the birth of the child, they are jointly entitled to parental care if they make a declaration of custody – a declaration that...


A minor (under the age of 18) receives a guardian if he is not under parental authority or if the parents are not entitled to represent the minor in matters of person or...

Issue a birth certificate

If you need proof of your birth, you can apply for a birth certificate under certain conditions.

Issue a birth certificate at home birth

On the basis of the certification carried out in the birth register, a birth certificate for the home birth can be issued on request. 

Request a replacement of a parent's consent to adoption

For an adoption, it requires the consent of both parents and the child. In exceptional cases, the family court may replace a parent's consent to adoption. The responsible youth...

View Birth

The birth of a child must be reported to the registry office responsible for the place of birth. If your child is born in a hospital or other institution where obstetrics is...

View Home Birth

The birth of a child must be reported to the competent authority in whose jurisdiction it was born. To report a home birth are obliged in the following order: each parent of...