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There are 7 services for About the License Plate

About the License Plate


Apply for short-term license plates

As a private individual or company, you can apply for the short-term license plate for a roadworthy but not registered vehicle.

Apply for wish marks

Anyone wishing a number plate with a distinctive combination of letters and numbers (short: desired number plates) for their vehicle to be admitted can apply to their competent...

Exchange of official registration plates in euro registration plates

You can exchange your old official number plate for a euro number plate. The exchange may be made by you or a person authorized by you.

Export labels

If you wish to export a vehicle that has not yet been registered in the Federal Republic or a vehicle that has previously been registered in the Federal Republic of Germany and...

License plate for coupling and rear carriers

If you want to attach a clutch carrier or rear carrier to your vehicle, it must not obscure the vehicle number plate of your vehicle.A repeat sign of the vehicle registration...

Report loss of one or both official registration plates

As the owner, you must immediately report the loss or damage to your license plate. In the event of loss and theft, a re-identification must be carried out. Note:If you...

Seasonal indicator

If you only want to use your vehicle seasonally, you can apply for a season license plate. It saves you the annual registration and deregistration in spring or autumn. The...