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There are 14 services for Types of School

Types of School


Admission to secondary schools Counselling

Your child will soon be finishing primary school and you want to get advice on secondary schools? Read the most important information here.

Apply for a change of school district

Do you want your child to be taught at a school outside your school district? Find out here if this is possible.

Apply for permission as a full-time school

Here the schools inform themselves about the possibilities of applying for the establishment of a full-time school.

College admission

You want to catch up on your Abitur? Find out here what possibilities the college offers you.

Enrolling in a comprehensive school

In the comprehensive school, pupils from the 5th to 12th and 13th grades are taught. The school years 10 to 12 or 11 to 13 are run as a high school. The comprehensive school...

Enrolling in a primary school

Find out more about the primary school here.

Enrolling in a secondary school

Secondary school is the secondary school in which the majority of pupils learn. It provides the right educational path for students who want to learn a profession afterwards....

Evening gymnasium admission

You want to catch up on your Abitur? Find out here what possibilities the evening gymnasium offers you.

Free Waldorf Schools

The Freie Waldorfschulen are free schoolswhere Waldorf pedagogy is established by Rudolf Steiner. Schooling usually lasts twelve years. After the 12th and 13th grades, the...

Music school: Apply for admission

Music schools are educational institutions whose main tasks are the teaching of a basic musical education, the development of young musicians for the lay and lover, the finding...

Professional high school admission

You want to find out more about the vocational high school? Read all the important information here.

Register at an evening secondary school

The evening secondary school is an offer for adults (usually from 18 years of age) for the acquisition of the secondary school leaving certificate or the secondary school...

Secondary schools

The Gymnasium provides an in-depth general education that enables us to continue their education at a higher education institution. It can be run with the consent of the highest...

Support school registration

Your child learns differently and a visit to a support school is an alternative? Find out more here.