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There are 7 services for Educational Qualifications

Educational Qualifications


Apply for recognition of an equivalent training as a nursing assistant completed abroad

Would you like to work as a nursing assistant in Germany? Find out more about the requirements here.

Apply for recognition of an equivalent training completed abroad as an operations technical assistant

Anyone who wants to use the professional title "Surgical Technical Assistant" or "Surgical Technical Assistant" in Germany requires permission. The permit is granted on...

Carry academic degrees, titles and designations of foreign universities

The use of academic degrees and titles acquired abroad as well as foreign honorary degrees and titles awarded falls within the legislative competence of the Länder and is...

Grant state recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad for the training of "social work specialists"

Upon application, anyone who carries out an activity corresponding to the social worker, the social pedagogue or the social pedagogue and has successfully completed training as...

Recognising educational qualifications from the GDR in higher education

Graduates who have a degree from a university, technical or engineering school or a church educational institution of the former GDR, which had or has its seat in the territory...

Recognising foreign professional qualifications

You have acquired your professional qualification abroad and want to work in your profession in Germany? Depending on your profession, you can or must have your foreign degree...

Recognising foreign professional qualifications as a state examination for state-certified food chemists

Food chemists from other countries of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland can apply for recognition of their diploma or university degree...