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There are 16 services for Supply and Waste Disposal

Supply and Waste Disposal


Advice on the prevention, recovery and disposal of waste

The responsible body offers you advice on environmentally sound disposal and prevention of unnecessary waste.

Approve brokerage deals for waste

If you wish to mediate the shipment of waste by third parties on a commercial basis, you need a permit. Approval may be subject to conditions. It is possible to exempt from the...

Dispose of bulky waste

The disposal of bulky waste can be by pick-up by personal delivery at a central location happen.

Dispose of bulky waste by personal delivery

You can personally hand over bulky waste at the acceptance options.

Dispose of garden waste

The waste disposal of private households and thus also of garden waste from private households is the responsibility of the districts and district-free cities as public waste...

Dispose of household waste

The disposal of waste and thus also of household waste / residual waste from private households as well as other disposal waste from other areas of origin is the task of the...

Drinking water levy

The supply of drinking water to citizens and customers must cover the costs. The respective supplier therefore charges a fee for the direct supply of drinking water, which,...

End-of-life vehicle - Disposal

Since 1 January 2007, last-passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (i.e. vehicles carrying goods up to 3.5 tonnes) have been able to return their end-of-life cars they wish...

Obligation to notify and permit the collection, transport, action and damage of and with waste

Companies wishing to collect or transport hazardous waste in their main purpose, trade in hazardous waste or mediate (makeup) the management of hazardous waste for third parties...

Paying the waste water levy

Are you dischargeing wastewater into a body of water? In this way, a levy must be paid to the respective federal state. For this purpose, you should submit the declarations...

Report contamination to road drainage facilities

Pollution of road drainage systems can harm the environment and are a danger to road traffic. Help with the removal.

Report wild garbage

If you want to report "wild garbage," contact your city's or county's lower waste department. "Wild waste" refers to waste that is illegally deposited in the open countryside,...

Setting the waste fee

Homeowners and landowners will receive fee notices from the competent authority about the waste charges to be paid by you. The aim of the fee scale is to provide effective...

Waste disposal

Waste disposal includes the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste from private households and other areas of origin.

Waste paper disposal

The disposal of waste and thus waste paper from private households is the responsibility of the counties and district-free cities.

Winter service

The responsibility for winter service on Saxony-Anhalt's roads lies with the administrative offices of the respective municipalities, cities or counties. As a result, the road...