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Register for child day care


Every child in Saxony-Anhalt is entitled to childcare up to the age of 14.

The following applies to crèche and kindergarten children:

Your child has a legal right to up to 8 hours of support and care per day of care until they start school. You are entitled to a maximum of 40 hours per week. If your family and professional situation requires extended care, then you are entitled to up to 10 hours a day or up to 50 hours a week.

You can register your child with a day care centre or day care centre at any time.

The following applies to school children:

As soon as your child goes to school, you are still entitled to care for up to 6 hours per school day. During the holidays, the scope is extended to up to 8 hours. Here, too, you can register an extended childcare offer during the holidays due to your family situation. Then, as with crèche and kindergarten children, your child will be cared for up to 10 hours per day of care or up to 50 hours per week.

However, your school-age child only has this right to care until they enter the 7th grade. As soon as your child has been transferred to the 7th grade, but has not yet reached the age of 14, he or she can continue to be cared for if childcare places are available.

Registration must take place at school registration. Or you can register the supervision at the beginning of the 2nd half of the school year for the following school year.

The youth welfare offices of the district or the independent city are responsible for ensuring that your legal entitlement to care is fulfilled.

Registration is regulated differently in the individual districts and independent cities. It often takes place in the respective day care centre (crèche, kindergarten or after-school care).

The place of residence of your child who is to be cared for must be in Saxony-Anhalt.

Further information on the required documents can be obtained from the responsible youth welfare office of the district or the independent city or from your municipality.

There are contributions to the costs for the care and meals of the children, which vary from municipality to municipality.

If you have several children cared for in crèche, kindergarten or after-school care, you only pay the contribution for the oldest child. The exemption applies only to crèche and kindergarten, after-school care contributions must always be paid.

If you have little income, the cost contributions can also be waived in whole or in part.

The care in crèche and kindergarten can be registered at any time.

For school children, deadlines must be observed for registration. Supervision must take place either until school registration or during the school semester for the next school year.

The State Administration Office provides an overview of day-care facilities.

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