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General information on the Citizens' and Corporate Service Saxony-Anhalt (BUS)

The service finder for Saxony-Anhalt

Do you need information about an administrative service, are you looking for the right authority for your request, want to find out about opening hours or forms? The BUS Sachsen-Anhalt supports you in this. It is a comprehensive online catalogue of all administrative services in Saxony-Anhalt.

The BUS can be used via the national portal www.sachsen-anhalt.de, but also through the participating municipalities. The online portal describes more than 1,000 administrative services and connects municipalities, counties, chambers and state authorities to a network across levels.

The online portal provides information for a lost driver's license as well as hints for prospective builders, helps with questions about inheritances, marriages and all other topics of administration.


The BUS Sachsen-Anhalt is a joint project of the state, the municipalities and chambers.

The state of Saxony-Anhalt provides the central service descriptions and the technical platform free of charge.

Service descriptions are prepared by a central editorial office or by employees of the state authorities, then checked by the relevant ministries of expertise and then posted to the BUS. The competent authorities (municipalities, state departments, chambers, etc.) can then supplement these with regional and municipal special features up to the local contact persons. The municipalities and chambers are responsible for the up-to-dateness and quality assurance of their government data in their own area of responsibility.

If you have any questions about editorial content, its use and how to connect the service to existing websites, please contact:
Ministry of Home Affairs and Sport Saxony-Anhalt
Service editors
Halberstädter Straße 2 / am „Platz des 17. Juni“
39112 Magdeburg
Tel.: +49 391 567-5129
E-Mail: FIM-Landesredaktion@mi.sachsen-anhalt.de

If you have any questions about technical implementation and software, please contact:
Teleport GmbH
Herrenstraße 20
D-06108 Halle
Telefon: +49 345 773874-0
E-Mail: info@teleport.de